Meghan Markle: Harry is Spoiling Me and I LOVE It!

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Though we've heard that Prince Harry's friends don't like Meghan Markle because she's a good person, Harry is still very much in love with her.

In fact, even months after their wedding, Harry is reportedly showering her with affection in various forms.

Meghan feels that he's spoiling her rotten.

Ogling Her Prince

Some couples find that their romance dies shortly after moving in together or shortly after they get married, because they're no longer actively courting.

But HollywoodLife reports that Harry and Meghan are still in their honeymoon phase.

"Harry has been pampering Meghan more than ever," an insider reports.

And Meghan is apparently very appreciative.

"She’s been raving about how he’s only become more attentive and loving since they got married," the source describes.

Prince and Duchess

There is one display of affection in particular that seems to really make an impression.

"He has fresh flowers delivered every single week," the insider reveals.

The source goes on to specify that these flowers are "usually her favorite peonies."

Peonies are popular garden plants in temperate climates, but are a very appropriate favorite for Meghan -- as they are native to both North America and to Europe.

The insider continues: "Meghan says that alone makes her feel so spoiled."

A Ride Through Town

Harry's desire to treat Meghan like the duchess she is extends into their private lives, as well.

"And she says he gives her the most amazing foot rubs," the source dishes.

The insider shares that these footrubs usually go down "when they stay in and watch their favorite TV shows."

That is so sweet!

As the source says: "Meghan still can’t get over how incredibly lucky she is to have found this man."

Markle Waves

Flowers and footrubs are classic romantic gestures, and it's great to hear about a couple where that sort of thing continues on days that aren't anniversaries or birthdays.

"But probably the sweetest and most thoughtful thing he’s done so far," the insider says. "Was arrange to have her mom come over."

The source reveals: "It was his idea to invite her to come stay for as long as she wants."

"Meghan and her mom are both very cautious not to be pushy," the insider shares. "But Harry insisted on it, he wants Meghan to have her mom with her."

As the source explains: "It’s his way of trying to make her happy after all the terrible drama with her father."

Meghan and the Prince

That is so sweet and thoughtful of Harry to give Meghan that solace from her awful family by giving her some time with her mother.

As always, we're a little cautious about buying into unconfirmed reports, especially about this particular royal couple.

But ... this is really touching and easy to believe. Personalized romantic gestures mean so much, especially when someone is going through a rough time.

This should be one of the happiest times in Meghan's life -- and we hope that it is.

We just wish that this summer hadn't been marred by Meghan's father and siblings trying to tear down her happiness.

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