Khloe Kardashian: I Know Tristan Thompson is a Huge Cheater, Okay?!?

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Khloe Kardashian has finally dropped the C-Word.

No, not that C-Word.

The other C-Word. The one that very clear applies to Tristan Thompson and the way he behaved throughout her pregnancy late last year and earlier this year.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Go Away

On Tuesday, reports surfaced that Khloe and Tristan were discussion marriage.

According to anonymous sources in this story, Kardashian has essentially forgotten that her baby daddy slept with practically any person with boobs while she sat at home and carried their eventual daughter to term.

"Tristan has promised Khloe he will never betray her again... and she believes him," an insider told Us Weekly about the couple.

In response to the chatter, Khloe first wrote the following on Instagram:

"Who makes up this crap you guys post?? This is how slow the news is? You need this ridiculous story?? What a waste."

However, at least one person out there interpreted Khloe's reply as a denial of Thompson having cheated, asking in astonishment whether Kardashian was claiming this infidelity was "made up by the blogs."

No, Khloe shot back. That is not what she is saying. At all.

that khloe quote

“I’m not acting as if Tristan didn’t cheat,” the mother of one said, as captured above by The Shade Room.

“I’m saying the story about marriage and anyone insinuating they know what we speak about privately is ‘crap.’"

Ah, okay then. That makes a lot more sense.

As fas as we know, this is the first time Khloe has specifically reference Thompson as a cheater in public.

In late June, Khloe acknowledged that something had happened between the stars and that she was sticking with her man for reasons no one should try to comprehend.

"You have no knowledge of what goes on in our household or the enormous rebuilding this takes to even coexist. I’m proud of my strength," Khloe wrote to a social media user who said she felt disappointment over Khloe forgiving Tristan.

She then added at the time:

"I appreciate your opinion and I hope you hold that same opinion to everyone else who has stayed in situations."

A Dip with True

Khloe's latest remark comes just as she and Thompson have embarked on their first vacation as an immediate family.

As you can see in the two photos above, they are enjoying their time in the tropics with each other and with little True.

The couple may not be talking marriage, but they are clearly still talking. A lot.

And hanging out and co-parenting and full-on back together, despite the hiccups caused by Thompson's wandering penis.

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

This is what a source told People Magazine about the relationship as it currently stands:

“Khloe wants to get married eventually, but there are no serious wedding talks yet.

"She does talk about a future with Tristan, though. She believes they can figure things out and have a happy life together. True is doing great, too.”

And while this is going on, Khloe is done taking crap from judgmental strangers.

She also responded to a commenter who wrote the following this week:

"This is so sad like who would want a love story like this, it's pathetic to see a strong women [sic] become weak over a man."

Responded Kardashian, in full clap back mode:

"It's truly sad that you believe blogs and then actually take the time to comment on someone else's life."

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