Big Brother Recap: Did the Veto Save Scottie or Haleigh?

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Who will be sent home? 

That was the big question on Wednesday's Big Brother which picked up mere moments after Tyler put both Scottie and Haleigh back up on the block with the aim of sending one of them out the door. 

Tyler Crispen

For Tyler, this was the best move, but it didn't quell his fears that the person staying would come after him. 

Haleigh took to the diary room to open up about being on the block multiple times and being able to find a way to switch things up to remain in the game. 

Tyler claimed Scottie was the pawn, and in true Big Brother fashion, Scottie seemed to believe it but knew that he had to win the veto. 

Haleigh wasted no time in telling Scottie about the Level Six celebratory dance from earlier in the season. That was the moment she realized she and Faysal were being played. 

But it was two late for them, and Fessy didn't believe the truth about the alliance, and that's why he was subsequently sent out the door. 

Haleigh Broucher

Scottie and Haleigh recognized one of them had to win the veto and throw the target on to someone else. 

Haleigh then tried to find out what was really going on, and that meant she had to chat with Tyler. 

The reigning HOH did not have a definite answer for her about her future but maintained that the house wanted the nominations to go down this way. 

For JC, he knew that Scottie would be targeting him, so he had to make sure he was in the crosshairs to be sent back to the jury house this week. 

Tyler realized that JC was trying to manipulate him, but played along with it before taking to the diary room, saying the following:

“There’s only one winner in Big Brother, and if he’s gonna be using his tricks on me, I’m not gonna get there."

JC Monduix

Tyler oozes confidence, and he knows how to switch things up, so it's very likely that he will be sitting there at the end of the game. 

Kaycee was the lucky victor at the veto competition, and that only made Haleigh question her future in the game. 

Tyler flat out refused to entertain her and tells her that things will happen the way the house wants them to ... or something. 

"Tyler lives in a bush, and all he does is just beat around it,” complained in the diary room.

“He’ll never look you straight in your face or tell you anything of content; he’ll just mumble his words so that they sound a little like an idea or a thought, but nothing too concrete.”

Scottie Salton

Scottie then told his former ally that if they are both evicted, The Hive will be in control of the jury votes. 

At the veto meeting, Kaycee kept the nominations the same. 

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