Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson: ALL Over Each Other on Instagram!

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We repeat:


By Duggar standards at least, that is.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren

In a new Instagram photo of Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson (not the one above), these two crazy and in-love kids are getting hot, heavy and very steamy in front of their many social media followers.

The couple, who stunned fans by getting married in late June, may not have swapped any spit until becoming husband and wife...

... but they're clearly making up for lost tonsil hockey time these days.

More into public displays of affection that most members of their famous family, Lauren and Josiah are seemingly always touching and kissing, perhaps never more so than in the red hot new photo below.

Check it out now!

Josiah Duggar and Wife

The stars shared the photo on their joint Instagram account, including with it a very simple caption of a heart emoji.

And nothing else.

Because what ekse even needs to be said, right?

"What a joy it is to be husband and wife!” Josiah and Lauren told People Magzine shorly after they exchanged vows in Arkansas this summer, adding at the time:

“Our wedding day was absolutely perfect!”

The pair had reportedly been planning a December wedding and hadn't even announced the major change of date prior to shocking fans with these June nuptials.

As a result, a natural question has since been asked of Lauren and Josiah:


Swanson and Josiah Duggar

Was this what many people refer to as a "shotgun wedding?"

Thus far, neigher Swanson nor Duggar has said one way or the other -- but the former is not showing any baby bump just yet, for whatever that is worth.

“From walking down the aisle, to looking in his eyes and saying the vows was probably one of my favorite moments,” Lauren later said in a TLC-produced video.

In this same video, Josiah said the following:

"What we’re looking forward to…is really spending time with each other as a couple, and really slowing down.

"For me, I made a priority years ago, for my first year of marriage especially, to just slow down on as much work stuff as I can and really focus on our relationship with each other."

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson in Austria

Slow down, huh?

It doesn't sound like someone ready to be a father just yet, does it?

“It’s been especially fun to simply work on setting up our house together and just settle into life,” the couple expressed a short time after their marriage, speaking to Us Weekly, concluding in July:

“We’re enjoying dreaming and thinking of the future together.”

Take a look through photos from their wedding below:

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