Jenelle Evans: Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me That Hurricanes Are Bad?!

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Jenelle Evans sort of has a history of disregarding things when she really, really should have taken them seriously.

It's actually a huge character flaw of hers.

Jenelle Evans Hearts Hurricanes

For example, when she was 16 and Pregnant with her first child, Jace, lots of people tried to tell her how much responsibility she'd be taking on, but she kept saying it was fine because she'd just watch movies with him and take him to the beach.

Even after he was born, she thought she could still go out and party at night because he'd be sleeping, even though most people with even the tiniest bit of common sense know that's not how babies work.

Later on, she disregarded the criminal records of all sorts of boyfriends because, who knows, she thought they were attractive or they paid attention to her or something.

Like, the mother of David Eason's son had a restraining order against him because he allegedly abused her when she was pregnant, but she went on to marry the guy.

Jenelle, Dave Eason

Then again, she has quite the criminal record of her own, so perhaps that cancels out all of her dumb choices in that department.

The latest example of this phenomenon happened last week, when Hurricane Florence was headed directly for her.

You'd think that she would have made the choice to evacuate, since she has the money to do so, and also since she has several young children and a house that's already sinking into the swamp she built it on.

But remember, this is Jenelle we're talking about.

Jenelle Evans' Best Picture

So just think about whatever the best choice in a situation like that would be, and it's safe to assume she did the opposite.

Yep, Jenelle and her crew stayed at home on the swamp, and for a while, she kept insisting that the hurricane was no big deal.

She shared a photo of Kaiser playing outside in the rain last Thursday and said that they were "kickin' this storm's butt," and early Friday morning, she tweeted that her family still had power and their house hadn't flooded, so they were "#allgood."

By Saturday though, the power had gone out, and she shared a photo of Kaiser playing inside with a lantern.

Kaiser in the Dark

She actually used a "What Hurricane?" hashtag, even though people had been killed by that point.

It wasn't until Sunday that she began to take things seriously, and even then it was only because her mother's neighborhood was in danger of flooding.

"This is insane," she wrote on Twitter. "Lots of rain, flooding, washed out roads, broken dams, falling trees killing people, tornados, dolphins in the street, sharks on highways, alligators running around, and wild snakes outside swimming."

"What else can go wrong?"

Jenelle Evans and a Green Screen

Gee, Jenelle, it's almost like hurricanes are natural disasters and not just opportunities for rainy day photo shoots, huh?

Someone tweeted to her, saying "Hopefully you're starting to take this seriously" after making dumb statements like "what hurricane?"  and that "people are dying and losing everything."

"No sh-t," she responded, "I meant that caption as in my children are safe and comfortable. Always taking my words and twist them to make it sound negative."

Honestly, she does a good enough job making herself look bad, no one else really has to work at it.

Jenelle Evans Smirks

But in these tweets she made earlier this week that she's since deleted, it sounds like her situation is getting kind of serious.

On Tuesday, David posted a picture on Instagram of his daughter, Maryssa, in his truck, "checking out the action during the flood."

It looked like they went out for a drive to check out the damage, and when someone mentioned it on Twitter, Jenelle explained that they were "trying to get food and gas for my family."

She added a "fuck off" hashtag, just in case it wasn't clear that the hurricane wasn't fun anymore.

Jenelle Evans: A Selfie

It sounds like the hunt for good didn't go too well though, because the next day, she tweeted "But with this storm I'm getting skinner y'all."

She likely meant "skinnier," and ... ugh.

For one, if she's getting skinny because of a lack of food, that means that her children could also be going without food, and that's unfortunate, to say the least.

For two, even if she actually did manage to prepare for the storm as well as she's claimed, there are plenty of people who don't have food, so her tweet was insensitive anyway.

Jenelle Evans Dude Shirt

After that, she wrote that in her area, "Roads are flooded everywhere. People are stuck in their towns needing diapers, formula, food, water, etc."

"I can't even help because I can't get to them and our stores are dry of everything! This is so scary."

As much fun as it always is to give Jenelle a hard time, of course we don't want anything to happen to her or her family, and we definitely believe that things are scary for her right now.

Hopefully she has more supplies than it seems, and hopefully she and all the rest of the people in areas affected by Florence will be able to get back to normal soon.

But ... maybe do things differently next time, girl.

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