Jenelle Evans Refuses to Evacuate The Land For Hurricane Florence: Bring It On, Bish!

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Hurricane Florence is due to make landfall early Friday morning.

Meteorologists expect the storm to hit the Carolinas at category 4 magnitude, bringing with it devastating storm surges and 140 MPH winds.

For obvious reasons, those living near the coast have been cautioned to evacuate.

Sadly, some are forced to stay put for medical or other reasons.

Then there are those who foolishly look at natural disasters as opportunities to put their badass survival skills to the test and inevitably end up begging for help from the same government organizations who implored them to head for safer territory.

Guess which category Jenelle Evans falls into.

Jump into the gallery below for the stirring saga that is Jenelle vs. Florence ...

1. Jenelle Evans Hearts Hurricanes

Jenelle Evans Hearts Hurricanes
Jenelle posted this photo as the Carolinas brace for Hurricane Florence. She captioned the pic "#NewProfilePic #HurricaneFlorence #PrayForNC #PrayForSC" Good to see she has her priorities straight,

2. Give Us the Prayers, Dude!

Give Us the Prayers, Dude!
Despite being wealthy and not having a full-time job, Jenelle Evans doesn't want to take the basic steps to ensure her family's safety. She does want you to pray for her, though.

3. Sympathy For the Devil

Sympathy For the Devil
Yes, Jenelle won't lift a finger to improve her situation, but she's been posting tweets like this one to ensure her fans remain deeply worried about her well-being.

4. Be Concerned ... But Not TOO Concerned

Be Concerned ... But Not TOO Concerned
Jenelle wants the best of both worlds. She wants the attention that comes with being in harm's way, but if anyone advises her to save herself, she's quick to assure them there's no cause for alarm.

5. Jenelle-splaining

When fans started to get serious and warn Jenelle to get the hell out of Dodge, she became irate, which is her response to literally every situation.

6. Angry Evans

Angry Evans
"I do not live in the evacuation zone or a flood area," Jenelle tweeted. "Not sure what county you think I live in."

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