Jenelle Evans Refuses to Evacuate The Land For Hurricane Florence: Bring It On, Bish!

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Hurricane Florence is due to make landfall early Friday morning.

Meteorologists expect the storm to hit the Carolinas at category 4 magnitude, bringing with it devastating storm surges and 140 MPH winds.

For obvious reasons, those living near the coast have been cautioned to evacuate.

Sadly, some are forced to stay put for medical or other reasons.

Then there are those who foolishly look at natural disasters as opportunities to put their badass survival skills to the test and inevitably end up begging for help from the same government organizations who implored them to head for safer territory.

Guess which category Jenelle Evans falls into.

Jump into the gallery below for the stirring saga that is Jenelle vs. Florence ...

1. Jenelle Evans Hearts Hurricanes

Jenelle Evans Hearts Hurricanes
Jenelle posted this photo as the Carolinas brace for Hurricane Florence. She captioned the pic "#NewProfilePic #HurricaneFlorence #PrayForNC #PrayForSC" Good to see she has her priorities straight,

2. Give Us the Prayers, Dude!

Give Us the Prayers, Dude!
Despite being wealthy and not having a full-time job, Jenelle Evans doesn't want to take the basic steps to ensure her family's safety. She does want you to pray for her, though.

3. Sympathy For the Devil

Sympathy For the Devil
Yes, Jenelle won't lift a finger to improve her situation, but she's been posting tweets like this one to ensure her fans remain deeply worried about her well-being.

4. Be Concerned ... But Not TOO Concerned

Be Concerned ... But Not TOO Concerned
Jenelle wants the best of both worlds. She wants the attention that comes with being in harm's way, but if anyone advises her to save herself, she's quick to assure them there's no cause for alarm.

5. Jenelle-splaining

When fans started to get serious and warn Jenelle to get the hell out of Dodge, she became irate, which is her response to literally every situation.

6. Angry Evans

Angry Evans
"I do not live in the evacuation zone or a flood area," Jenelle tweeted. "Not sure what county you think I live in."

7. Busted

Of course, it didn't take fans long to pinpoint Jenelle's exact location, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, she is very much in the danger zone.

8. Drug Dealer Confirmation

Her location is confirmed by this video -- shot by a vlogger who was inspecting land near Jenelle's home -- in which Evans' drug dealer is seen bicycling from her home.

9. Yeah ... She Should Leave

Yeah ... She Should Leave
So it looks like Jenelle lives in or around Columbus County, NC, which means she's likely in for a pummeling once the storm hits.

10. Hurricane Dave

David posted this short video just as the storm started to make landfall. Needless to say, it left fans more concerned than ever.

11. The Storm Before the Storm

The Storm Before the Storm
Of course, Jenelle is already taking a drubbing on social media as fans have taken to viciously roasting her for hre refusal to evacuate.

12. The Laaaand!

The Laaaand!
Did Jenelle forget her house is already sinking? This follower was happy to remind her of that.

13. MTV to the Rescue?

MTV to the Rescue?
Of course, Jenelle is very valuable property to MTV, so she might benefit from a last-ditch rescue effort.

14. Or Is It All MTV's Fault?

Or Is It All MTV's Fault?
And if Jenelle winds up bearing the brunt of the storm without any intervention on her behalf, at least she has plenty of people to blame!

15. Think of the Children

Think of the Children
As many have pointed out, even if Jenelle isn't required to evacuate, she's able to, which means she should -- if not for her own sake, then for her three young children.

16. Jenelle Seems Confused

Jenelle Seems Confused
This follower had the audacity to try and reason with Jenelle. If there's one thing Ms. Evans hates, it's logic.

17. Jenelle ANGRY!

Jenelle ANGRY!
Eventually, Jenelle got angry, and who could blame her? You can only listen to free advice from people who care about your safety for so long.

18. David Is on Board!

David Is on Board!
Remember folks: if David Eason thinks it's a good idea, that means it's not. This tip applies to 100 percent of situations.

19. More Sound Advice

More Sound Advice
Solid advice that Jenelle will almost certainly ignore. She's infuriating like that.

20. Stupid Logic!

Stupid Logic!
Don't these people realize Jenelle hates common sense?! She's never used it in her life; why would she start now?

21. A Solid Theory

A Solid Theory
Anyone who knows Jenelle knows that this theory is 100 percent spot-on. This is absolutely why she's decided to stay.

22. The Debate Rages On

The Debate Rages On
Believe it or not, some folks are defending Jenelle's decision to remain at home throughout the storm.

23. If You Want to Get Technical...

If You Want to Get Technical...
And on one point, they're actually correct -- Jenelle does not live in a mandatory evacuation zone.

24. Doesn't Hold Water

Doesn't Hold Water
That said, the idea that Jenelle is in the clear because there are rescue personnel standing by is bogus. The National Guard is there to help the elderly and infirm, not reality stars who didn't feel like leaving.

25. But Really ... Who Cares?

But Really ... Who Cares?
The fact remains that Jenelle has three young children and she's endangering their lives by staying put.

26. In All Seriousness...

In All Seriousness...
Obviously, we've done some joking at Jenelle's expense today, but we wish her and everyone in the storm's path all the best. And we encourage those who are capable to head for safer ground.

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