Gisele Bundchen Admits to Boob Job, Suicidal Thoughts

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Many people out there may think Gisele Bundchen is the perfect female specimen.

But in a new interview and a new memoir, the world famous model admits that her life has been anything but perfect.

Gisele Bundchen at the MET

Three years ago, for example, Bundchen tells People Magazine that she quietly underwent a procedure that she almost immediately regretted, going under the knife for a breast augmentation due to her uneven boobs.

They changed shape and placement due to 18 months of breastfeeding her son, Benjamin, and her daughter, Vivian.

“I was always praised for my body, and I felt like people had expectations from me that I couldn’t deliver,” the 38-year old tells the aforementioned publication, explaining in more detail:

“I felt very vulnerable, because I can work out, I can eat healthy, but I can’t change the fact that both of my kids enjoyed the left boob more than the right.

"All I wanted was for them to be even and for people to stop commenting on it.”

Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life

In her new book, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, the typically private superstar confesses that in 2015, she gave in to the above vulnerabilities and got a boob job.

“When I woke up, I was like, ‘What have I done?’ I felt like I was living in a body I didn’t recognize,” she writes. “For the first year I wore [baggy] clothes because I felt uncomfortable.”

Thankfully, Gisele received never-ending support from husband Tom Brady, she explains:

“He just said, ‘I love you no matter what’ and that I looked beautiful. This was definitely another lesson: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But I wish I would have learned that a different way.”

Gisele Bundchen with Tom

Elsewhere in the very personal interview, Gisele says that she experienced a panic attack 15 years ago, just as her career was taking off.

It took place during a turbulent plane ride, but it didn't stop there.

The episode led her to develop a fear of tunnels, elevators and various enclosed spaces.

Bundchen then had more panic attacks, including in her own home... and eventually contemplated suicide because the anxiety was just so difficult to tolerate.

"I actually had the feeling of, 'If I just jump off my balcony, this is going to end, and I never have to worry about this feeling of my world closing in,'" Bundchen tells People.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen at 2017 MET Gala

Gisele sought professional assistance and was prescribed Xanax, but says didn't want to become reliant on the medication.

So she chose to change her eating and drinking habits and turned to yoga and meditation to combat stress.

"Things can be looking perfect on the outside, but you have no idea what's really going on," the supermodel tells this magazine, concluding:

"I felt like maybe it was time to share some of my vulnerabilities, and it made me realize, everything I've lived through, I would never change, because I think I am who I am because of those experiences."

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