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It’s been more than a month since Kendra Wilkinson’s last day of marriage to Hank Baskett. A split like this is difficult for anyone, but especially for parents.

Along with a series of gorgeous selfies, Kendra is honest with her fans and followers: she feels demotivated and down in the dumps.

She needs fun. She also says that she needs a swift kick in the pants.

Kendra Wilkinson, Brunette Selfie
Photo via Instagram

In the captions behind the series of photos of the newly brunette Kendra

"Just posting random selfies and saying hello to u all."

They’re good selfies, too!

"Been trying to take care of myself lately."

Self-care is so, so important.

And she spells out what parts of herself she needs to help.

"My mental, emotional, and physical well being."

That’s … pretty thorough.

Kendra Wilkinson, Big Hair Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Kendra clarifies that she does, of course, have the correct priorities as a parent.

"Kids come first at all time."

Kendra loves her children and very correctly puts them first because that is her responsibility.

But she knows that she’s no good to them, anyone, or herself if she does not take care of herself.

"But mama needs some fun right now."

We’re guessing that she needs to do more than hit the slopes.

"I need a little kick in the ass."

She finishes her caption by sending out a classic distress call.


Kendra Wilkinson is Unimpressed
Photo via Instagram

In the comments, Kendra admitted that her hair "needs a touch up."

Speaking of her newly darkened hair, she wrote: "I’ll keep it for a little bit. Maybe even try darker. [I don’t know]."

Hey, hair upkeep is important — and ties into all of that health stuff that Kendra was just talking about.

Kendra’s fans flooded the comments with affirmations that yes, self-care matters.

"If momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy."

That is succinct and true. Kendra needs to take care of herself if she wants to be able to be the best for her children.

"You are so beautiful inside and out! I have loved keeping up with you through all of the years! You are such a great mom and a great person! … You got this girl!"

That fan is basically cheerleading Kendra. That’s sweet.

Kendra Wilkinson in Black and White
Photo via Instagram

Kendra’s fans, a number of whom have a lot of wisdom to share, advise her to enjoy herself but to be careful with her impulses during this time of transition.

"Girl you are beautiful! Go have you some fun! The simplest thing to remember … give yourself time. Don’t jump into anything too soon and don’t think something is wrong with YOU for what has transpired."

Kendra has a lot of fans who have known breakups and heartbreak.

"Feelings change and so do people. You are a queen! Now straighten your crown and get back on your throne!"

That’s a very nice analogy.

"I don’t know you personally but what I do know is that you’ve got this! Just like I tell my gfs, you’re not alone. time heals all."

Kendra is also getting reassurance that going solo isn’t destroying her brand.

"As much as I loved you and Hank together, I love the new you you’ve become. And y’all made some beautiful kids!"

Kendra Wilkinson Brunette
Photo via Instagram

Kendra received even further assurances that self-care is a vital part of being a good parent.

"Yes kids will always come first, but mama needs to take care of herself too. I’m a mom of 7 and am just learning this. If mama wants happy kids, mama needs to be happy too. Have a blessed day."

A mother of seven. I need to take a nap just reading that. Yes, we hope that she is fully embracing self-care.

Unfortunately, some trolls decided to tell Kendra that they don’t like what she’s doing with her own hair on her own body.

"Better blonde."

Rude. Also, terse.

"Wow she looks a lot older looking now."

Mega rude.

We hope that Kendra gets the fun and relaxation that she clearly needs!

But maybe not a literal kick.