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Last week, Demi Lovato’s drug dealer spoke pretty bluntly about his involvement with Demi Lovato … and how he had provided her with the pills on which she overdosed.

Considering that Demi nearly died, that sounds like lousy self-promotion. It also sounded to many like a public confession to one or more crimes.

But apparently the police won’t be charging him over any part of this incident.

Demi Lovato, Blue Belt Selfie

Brandon Johnson spoke to TMZ just a little over a week ago and … he did not hold back.

He says that Demi had texted him on the night of her overdose, inviting him to come to her residence.

He says that she was fully aware that he had offered her "aftermarket" pills — powerful painkillers laced with another powerful painkiller.

Oxycodone mixed with fentanyl makes for a dangerous and potentially deadly combination. And he says that Demi knew the risks.

"100% she knew what she was taking," he insisted.

Demi Lovato, Dani Vitale Photo
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Sometimes, people speak of their alleged criminal behavior cleverly, in such a way that they haven’t — legally speaking — confessed to anything.

Johnson is not exactly a criminal mastermind. So you might think that police would see his interview and want to interview him themselves, right?

TMZ reports that their sources in law enforcement say that they’re not going after Johnson for this.

The reason? Because this was an overdose, which they classify as a medical emergency rather than a crime.

Johnson is in the clear for this particular incident.

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Now, Demi could always try to sue Johnson. if she had died, her loved ones might have tried that — and tried to press charges.

Wrongful death suits can be nasty, and they are sometimes easier to prove than criminal cases.

But since Demi lived, it is difficult to imagine that she will go after this guy. She knows what she allegedly did or did not take and what she knew beforehand.

Besides, her inner circle of colleagues, friends, and family must want her to have as little stress as possible.

Oh, and you know that they don’t want her having any further contact with Johnson. A lawsuit is nearly the opposite of that.

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It is important to know that, to hear Johnson tell it, he was much more than Demi’s dealer.

He says that the two of them were primarily just friends, but that their relationship had evolved into a sexual friendship.

He also says that she had sent him that 4-in-the-morning text message because she had wanted to hook up.

It sounds like the suggestion is that hooking up and getting a drug hook-up from him went hand-in-hand.

Clearly they weren’t too close, as he reportedly high-tailed it out of there — leaving Demi’s staff to discover that she had overdosed.

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While we’re noting things about Johnson, the dude has been arrested a couple of times this year over possession of drugs, including cocaine.

He also had a fully loaded semi-automatic firearm without a permit, which those who favor an end to drug prohibition might say is worse.

Police have not yet charged Johnson for any specific crimes over his arrest in March.

But that does not mean that he is off the hook forever.

And it is always possible that the attention garnered by Demi’s overdose could mean that prosecutors aim to make an example of Johnson.

Demi Lovato in Toronto, Canada
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Demi, of course, is in rehab on the East Coast. She is said to have limited contact even with her close friends.

She is going to remain in rehab for as long as it takes.

For some people, an addiction is a lifestyle habit that they want to adjust. For others like Demi, a relapse isn’t embarrassing — it’s potentially lethal.

We are so glad that Demi survived and we hope that she makes a full recovery soon — but we’re glad that she’s taking her time in rehab.

We hope that no other creeps slither into her life.