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In a newly-released 911 call, an assistant for Demi Lovato calls paramedics and tells them that the singer is unconscious in her bed.

This unnamed assistant comes across as surprisingly calm while talking to the dispatcher, as you can hear in the following video:

Demi Lovato 911 Call Features Request for

HOWEVER, a new report wants to make something very clear.

No matter how reasonable this assistant may sound in the call and no matter what you may have read about Lovato’s drug overdose on Tuesday morning, do not be fooloed.

Lovato nearly killed herself.

The artist is very lucky to be alive right now.

According to a TMZ insider, if the 911 call had taken place even just a short period of time later, or if the EMTs had been delayed in arriving at Demi’s house, "she could have died."

Lovato was not conscious and just barely breathing when she was discovered at around 11:30 a.m. and the the above call was placed.

Demi Lovato Gets Up Close
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As previously detailed, Lovato was given a dose of Narcan to counter the effects of whatever opioids she was on, which is a common maneuver for someone discovered in the singer’s troubled state.

Once she awoke, Lovato was reportedly uncooperative.

She refused to tell the paramedics or doctors exactly what she had ingested.

Multiple outlets have confirmed that Demi was out partying the night before at a bar in the Los Angeles area, throwing back shots with some shady friends.

A group of these same friends then made their way back to Lovato’s residence and continued the party until around 4 a.m.

It’s unclear whether any stuck around and were present when the medical technicians arrived hours later.

Demi Lovato: A Picture
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But it does seem clear at this point that those especially close to the singer have been urging her to find help for a long time now.

"Her family has realized they are not out of the woods yet and are very concerned that she doesn’t see the severity of her issues and are worried because she thinks she can control her addiction,” a source tells Entertainment Tonight.

This source explains that Lovato’s relatives feel this way even after the overdose.

They are still unconvinced that Demi is ready to commit to rehab in the way that she needs to.

Demi Lovato and Her Freckles
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Lovato had been candid with fans for years about her history with addiction and also with eating disorders.

She was sober for six years prior to relapsing this spring, even confessing to the said relapse via the lyrics in the song "Sober."

"There was a sit-down talk with Demi and her team about a month ago to address her no longer being sober," another insider tells ET, adding:

"Demi’s team has been down this path with her before and, although hesitant at first, she agreed to go to rehab.

"However, it took her manager, Phil McIntyre, and others saying they’d walk away from her if she didn’t get the help to convince her."

Let’s all continue to pray that Lovato soon sees the light and is willing to begin on her path to sobriety once again,