Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel: Back Together!

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There was a time when Hurricane Florence seemed poised to lay waste to Charleston, before the storm pivoted to pummel North Carolina's eastern half and drench the rest.

Charleston still received its fair share of rain, but disgraced Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel didn't weather the wind and downpour alone.

Remember when he and Ashley Jacobs broke up a month ago? It didn't take -- and they waited out Florence together.

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel

RadarOnline reports that Ashley and Thomas are back together, and that they weathered the storm as a couple.

"Ashley spent the whole weekend with Thomas while the hurricane hit around them," an insider revealed to the tabloid.

Though there have been reports of Ashley and Thomas secretly hanging out, it sounds like this was more than just friends surviving together.

The source announces: "They are back together now!"

Well ... that's not the worst news to come out of this storm. We'll say that much.

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs

Why, after breaking up and Thomas accusing Ashley of cheating, are they back together?

Apparently, this is Thomas' doing.

"Thomas has never been able to fully break up with Ashley," the insider explains.

Sometimes, people just have the right chemistry -- sometimes literally, as pheramones play a huge rule in attraction -- and get their hooks into each other. That's why some exes can haunt you for years.

To hear the source tell it, "he just can’t give up on her."

Thomas Ravenel with Ashley Jacobs

The insider goes on to say that Thomas remains crazy about Ashley "even though he was so mad she was dating other people."

HonestlY? You don't get that bent out of shape over your ex seeing new people unless they have some kind of hold on your feelings.

The source explains that "they have spent so much time together."

"And," the insider continues. "They are in a totally twisted love affair!"

Well, anything involving these two being back together would definitely be a little twisted. As you may recall, they were a toxic couple.

Ashley Jacobs on Insta

On Monday, Ashley made an Instagram post about the storm ... but neglected to mention that she had been huddled up with Thomas.

"Feeling incredibly fortunate that we were spared the worst..." Ashley writes. "Yet deeply empathetic to those who were not."

Coastal regions of North Carolina have been flooded. Those of us who live in the state have been recoiling at videos of interstates so submerged that they resemble rivers.

Ashley continues: "I want to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts and messages this week."

"Thinking of all those affected by hurricane Florence," Ashley's post concludes. "Continuous prayers your way."

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel at Dinner

Though Ashley had wondered who would date her after seeing her antics on Southern Charm, it's clear that there's more to this rekindled romance than desperation.

Ashley saw something in Thomas that made her pack up her whole life and move across the country after only five dates.

Whatever that was, it's enough to make her support him even after multiple women accused him of sexual assault.

Thomas' own friends and co-stars tried to discourage Ashley by pointing out how unfairly he was treating her, but ... some people keep going back.

That said ... we'd be interested to hear Ashley confirm that she's back with Thomas, if it's really true.

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