Cheyenne Floyd Makes It Official: I'm a Teen Mom OG!

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The worst kept secret in reality television is no longer a secret:

Cheyenne Floyd and Cody Wharton are joining the cast of Teen Mom OG.

We learned of this casting way back in June and have written pleny on the stars, who some said had managed to start filming the series this summer AND get fired from the series this summer.

But that clearly isn't the case.

Becayse Floyd and Wharton have now spoken out for the first time about their impending roles.

What did they have to say?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Here She Is, Folks!

Here She Is, Folks!
The official Teen Mom Instagram account shared this photo of Cheyenne and her daughter, Ryder, on September 6 and wrote as a caption to it: "Welcome to the #TeenMomOG family, Cheyenne!"

2. What's Her Story?

What's Her Story?
The 25-year old shares 16-month-old daughter Ryder with The Challenge alum Cory Wharton. They met in 2016 on The Challenge: Rivals III and surprised the world when they revealed they had a daughter in December 2017.

3. There Were Questions Galore at the Time

There Were Questions Galore at the Time
And here is why, as Floyd tells it to Us Weekly in her first interview since being cast on Teen Mom OG: "I think that here was a lot of questions regarding my pregnancy from the beginning when I got pregnant... Everybody knows that Cory didn’t find out about Ryder until she was 6 months and now everyone’s questions will get answered as to what actually happened."

4. Wait, Really?

Wait, Really?
It's true. Floyd did not tell Wharton she was expecting and did not let him be part of his child's life for months. But they are all good now!

5. Cory is Ready to Prove It!

Cory is Ready to Prove It!
This is what he Tweeted after MTV told the couple they could go public with their casting.

6. For the Record:

For the Record:
Floyd and Wharton are not together. They are not girlfriend and boyfriend. Still, he will be on Teen Mom OG and so will Cheyenne's current boyfriend.

7. This is What Chyenne Has to Say About That Arrangement:

This is What Chyenne Has to Say About That Arrangement:
"We’re not hiding anything. We’re being completely honest and open with our situation. We’re finally going to be able to tell our story and how Ryder got here."

8. Where Do Things Stand with Wharton?

Where Do Things Stand with Wharton?
Replied Cheyenne to Us Weekly: "Cory and I get along very well. We put Ryder first and we’ve worked out a beautiful coparenting relationship. Of course every relationship has its ups and downs but we’ve worked out our kinks and we’re learning how to do it day by day, how to get along. We’re trying to figure it out."

9. There's Also This:

There's Also This:
Ryder was born with VCLAD, a condition in which the body is unable to process fats. This will be explored a lot more on the series and Floyd is doing something pretty awesome about it.

10. What Are They Doing About It?

What Are They Doing About It?
"We’re starting a non-profit. It’s really rare and I knew nothing about it up until I had her,” Floyd told Us Weekly of this medical issue and her plan. “It’s a huge part of our lives and we’re opening that up to the viewers as well."

11. Who Else Will Appear on Season 8?

Who Else Will Appear on Season 8?
Not Farrah Abraham, we know that much. She was canned this past February due to her affiliation with some amateur online pornography.

12. So, Welcome...

So, Welcome...
... Bristol Palin as well! The daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin really is booked as a new cast member.

13. It's True, Folks!

It's True, Folks!
"I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope that I can help others on their journey," Palin wrote on Instagram this past July when confirming the news.

14. What About Sarah Palin?

What About Sarah Palin?
She has applauded her daughter for acting like a role model and has said she will happily make some cameos on Teen Mom OG if Bristol asks.

15. In Fact... Here She Is!

Check out the video above to see Bristol and her mom discussing the former's appearance on the show. This is the first teaser MTV has released for Season 8.

16. Is Anyone Else NOT Coming Back?

Is Anyone Else NOT Coming Back?
Yes. There's one couple who viewers have seen the last of: "We're not returning to Teen Mom this season," Mackenzie Edwards shared with E! News this summer; Ryan Edwards would later confirm the news on Instagram.

17. Wait, What About Mackenzie McKee?

Wait, What About Mackenzie McKee?
We had heard she would be a Season 8 cast member, but these reports were apparently premature -- and she's pissed about it. "I’ve been done real dirty this year let’s just say that...." she just Tweeted, adding: Like so much has slapped me right in the face it’s not even funny."

18. And the Three Non-Farrah Favorites?

And the Three Non-Farrah Favorites?
Oh, yes. Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood will all be back. Have no worries, veteran viewers!

19. When Does Season 8 Premiere?

When Does Season 8 Premiere?
Teen Mom OG premieres Monday, October 1, at 9/8c. And let's all say it together: THIS EPISODE CANNOT ARRIVE SOON ENOUGH.

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