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We’re down to the final five houseguests on Big Brother Season 20. 

Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, Sam, and JC have defied the odds and made it to the final weeks of the game. 

But who is being evicted in fifth place, just one week ahead of the season finale? 

Angela Rummans Promotes Big Brother

Angela secured the HOH win, and that meant Level Six had the power to control the result of yet another eviction.

This was a crucial HOH to win because JC was planning on targeting Angela and Kaycee, so it would have been fun to watch whether he actually managed to pull it off. 

Angela wasted no time in nominating Sam and JC for eviction. She admitted that she got a lot of blood on her hands and that there was no way the jury would vote for her to win against either of them. 

It made sense, but there was still a veto to play. That played out on Saturday, and Kaycee managed to win. 

With that, it matched Kaycee’s fourth veto win of the summer. It’s no easy feat, but Kaycee definitely started playing the second half of the game. 

Kaycee Clark

With her win, it meant that Level Six also had control of the nominations for the week. Simply put, the majority alliance has been steamrolling the competition all summer. 

That does not look set to change before finale night. 

As things stand now, Angela wants to send Sam out of the house, and Tyler and Kaycee seem to be on board with that. 

There was a bit of pushback from Tyler because he wanted JC gone over the way he reacted to Brett’s exit. 

Tyler has been playing everyone in the house, offering up final two deals like they’re going out of fashion, and JC is on to him. 

Sam Bledsoe

The feeds will likely go down on Tuesday as the special Wednesday eviction is filmed, but we’re looking at a 2-0 vote to evict Sam unless anything changes. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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