Big Brother Recap: Is Level Six in Danger?

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The Level Six alliance has been running things all summer long inside the Big Brother house, and given that the end of the game is in sight, it's high time they all turned on each other. 

Wednesday's edition picked up with Haleigh and Sam on the block. For the former, this was predictable because the rest of her alliance had been sent packing, so it was logical. 

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While it would be easy to believe Haleigh would give up given that she's been fighting a losing battle since she walked in the doors of the house, she's not quite ready to give up. 

With the Veto still up for grabs, she knew she still had a fighting chance to get someone else out of the game this week. 

As for Sam, well she was playing along with Tyler, claiming she was totally fine about going on the block. 

JC and Brett worried about how things would play out if Sam remained on the block for the entire week. Would she flip out? Would she be nice? 

Both of those scenarios are plausible with this woman. Brett and JC wanted Sam to side with them to get Angela and Kaycee put up on the block for being a duo. 

Brett Robinson

This signaled the end of Brett's tenure with Level Six. JC has been manipulating him into thinking he's low on the Level Six totem pole. 

JC, for a change, is right. Brett would be easy to win against but the trio of Kaycee, Angela and Tyler is no match for anyone else. 

The game talk paused to give the houseguests videos from home, and as you can expect, there were lots of tears. Spending three months away from your nearest and dearest is not that easy. 

When it came to the veto competition, only JC was left out of the action, and he got talking with Tyler about who the replacement nominee could be. 

JC Monduix

JC admitted that it was time to cut Angela and Kaycee loose. Tyler took the news to Kaycee who was not impressed. 

It didn't help matters that Kaycee killed it at the veto. That marked her third time in a row winning the veto, solidifying herself as a competitive threat.

Kaycee and Tyler then realized that Brett never told them about what JC was planning, confirming to them that they needed to get rid of Brett before he turns on them. 

At the veto meeting, Kaycee kept the nominations the same. She's scared that she is going to be targeted, but with a live double eviction, she's going to find herself in hot water if someone outside her alliance wins. 

Kaycee Clark

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Big Brother continues Thursday on CBS. 

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