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Nicki Minaj is not finished trashing Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

Not by a long shot.

And we are SO very much here for it.

Nicki Minaj Rocks Out

The beef started a few days ago after Scott’s new album debuted ahead of Minaj’s new album on the music charts.

Because it was better reviewed and comprised of stronger material?

HA! NO, argued Nicki.

Because Scott needed to use both his baby mama and his actual baby to promote the album, which Minaj found to be lame and cheap and pathetic.

Isn’t that right, Nicki?

Nicki Minaj Tweet about Travis Scott 01

Not content with sending the above Tweet, however, Minaj appeared on Tuesday’s episode of Queen Radio on Apple Music’s Beats 1 and once again went after Scott, his album Astroworld and her fellow rapper’s entire persona.

"What we’re not gonna do is have that auto-tune man selling f-cking sweaters telling you he sold half a million albums, because he f-cking didn’t," Minaj exclaimed, prior to attacking Scott again for hiding behind Jenner:

"You stupid f-ck. You got your f-cking homeboy talking for you and you got your girlfriend selling tour passes. Stop it. Knock it the f-ck off."

Come on, Nicki.

Stop beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel.

Travis Scott Solo

Minaj did say she has no real issue with Kylie herself, certainly none with baby Stormi and she even thinks Kim Kardashian is totally cool and fine.

But Scott?

"When [Travis] comes along and sells a tour pass that has nothing to do with his f-cking music and says he’s sold more than Kanye West and Nas – no you f-cking didn’t, keep it the f-ck real.

"I know I’m that bitch, I know I’m number one."

This may be true in Nicki’s mind, but we just received word that she canceled her previously-scheduled North American tour with Future.

Nicki Minaj in Black

A statement from Live Nation reads that Minaj "has decided to reevaluate elements of production on the ‘NickiHndrxx Tour’” following her surprise performance Monday at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards." 

But some out there believe Minaj was unable to sell enough tickets for the tour to make it profitable.

Nicki has not yet commented on this rumor or this decision herself, but she did clarify on air that she’s not as angry as she may seem.

"Having said that, none of this is some serious anger sh-t," she said of her critique of Scott and how uses Kylie to market himself, concluding:

"No, we are in a time right now where black music is prospering.

"And I am one of the people who, I’m so excited to see where rap has come from and where we are. But right is right and wrong is wrong."

Eh, whatever.

We’re just gonna ignore that pseudo peace offering and ask readers to choose a side:

Team Nicki or Team Travis?!?