Lyric McHenry: Could She Have Been Murdered?

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When you get right down to it, there's only one thing that really matters about the death of Lyric McHenry:

That she is dead.

We're not being glib here and we certainly aren't trying to make a joke.

We're just saying that McHenry is tragically gone and no new information that comes out surrounding her passing will bring her back to her loved ones.

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This said, it remains understandable while both the authorities and those who knew McHenry well would be desperate for some answers.

The 26-year old was best known in entertainment circles for having appeared on episodes of EJNYC in 2016, a Rich Kids of Beverly Hills spinoff that centered on EJ Johnson, the gay son of NBA legend Magic Johnson.

She was found dead on a sidewalk in the Bronx at 5 a.m. on Tuesday.

She was only wearing a pajama top and underwear at the time.

She had a small ziplock bag of cocaine on her person.

She was 20 weeks pregnant at the time.

These are the very disturbing facts that have come out over the past several hours, all of which have contributed to reactions of shock and sorrow from those close to Lyric.

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McHenry was transported to Bronx-Lebanon hospital after her body was discovered, where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

The assumption, based on the scene described above, is that McHenry died of a drug overdose.

But the New York Police Department is waiting on an autopsy report before it makes this official and says that McHenry's death is under investigation.

An official at Public Affairs Office told told  Radar Online on Wednesday that investigators are “looking at all possibilities” in the case.

This same website quotes a friend who confirms that McHenry was out partying with her sister and other acquaintances on Monday night.

After she exited a club, she reportedly got into a car with... someone, Etienne Maurice tells Radar.

Lyric McHenry

“All we know is she left in a white BMW,” Maurice says. “We don’t know who was driving that car.”

Maurice says he's equally perplexed by why/how McHenry ended up sprawled on a sidewalk near the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, someplace she had no reason to visit.

We don't want to irresponsibily speculate on such an important topic, so we'll just leave all this here.

We don't feel comfortable openly wondering whether McHenry overdosed or was actually killed by this unnamed and unknown individual.

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After news of Lyric's death broke on Tuesday, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Dorothy Wang took to Twitter to write:

"Rest In Peace Lyric McHenry. You were an angel amongst us."

She also clapped back against anyone who painted McHenry in a negative light, based on the circumstances surrounding her death, as did Maurice, who concluded to Radar:

“She’s a Stanford grad, she was a volunteer for the Obama campaign, she was a great spirit, and my most loyal friend."

EJ Johnson is yet to commend on this awful news.

We continue to send our condolences to the family members, friends and loved ones of Lyric McHenry.

May she rest in peace;

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