L.B. Bonner: What May Have Led the Reality Star to Commit Suicide?

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We may have some new information on what drove L.B. Bonner to commit suicide last week.

As previously reported, the former 600-lb Life cast member took his own life via gunshot wound outside of his home in Lexington, South Carolina.

According to the official autopsy report, Bonner was discovered dead in a ditch.

L.B. Bonner on TLC

What could have driven the 30-year old to make such a drastic decision?

That's the most frustrating aspect of suicide in many ways: we'll never know the answer.

But Bonner had to have his led amputated after getting into a severe car accident in 2013 and a friend tells Radar Online that the experience left Bonner not just physically scarred...

... but mentally scarred as well.

Following this incident, Bonner turned to food and alcohol, eventually climbing to 650 pounds before joining the cast of this TLC series and shedding the weight via diet, exercise and lap band surgery.

Still, the aforementioned friend, who is also an amputee, explains why losing one's limb can leave a dangerous and lasting impression.

James Bonner

“I knew him when I lived in South Carolina,” this person tells Radar, explaining;

“He was a bouncer at night clubs we used to go to. Also, both of us are amputees.

"Both of us are also or were also members of the support group where you can speak to other issues that you’re going through."

This friend says she lost touch with Bonner in recent years, but still feels as if she knew him well enough to speak on this tragedy.

"A lot of amputees think that they can’t do everything they used to do or get depressed or feel like someone would never want them. I’ve been lucky.

"I’ve always had the mentality that if someone tells me I can’t do something then I’m going to do it anyway with or without two legs.

"I think he tried to have that mentality, but with everything else he was dealing with..."

L.B. Bonner

In March, Bonner started a GoFundMe page with a goal of earning $7,500 to pay for a new leg.

It does seem clear that the ex-reality star was affected tremendously by his amputation.

“My insurance won’t cover a new leg and I’ve gotten to the point where just walking is becoming very painful, let alone going to the gym and working out hard like I was before," Bonner said this spring.

Still, he worked to lose over 300 pounds a few years ago and was considered a My 600-lb Life success story. He was also a fan favorite.

Viewers have taken his suicide very hard.


In the wake of Bonner's passing, TLC issued the following statement:

On the show, viewers saw LB struggle with obesity following a tragic accident that claimed his right leg.

Even though he once weighed 650 pounds, LB’s hard work and dedication helped get him in the 200-pound range.

His spirit and determination as displayed through his story, quickly made LB a fan-favorite, and family & friends have taken to LB’s Facebook page to commemorate his life.

TLC was deeply saddened to hear of LB’s passing and is honored to have shared his honest and courageous story on My 600-lb Life.

May he rest in peace.

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