Kailyn Lowry: New Book an "Apology to Lux For the Mess He Was Born Into"

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We've seen Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry use Twitter to destroy body-shamers, but she also uses social media to chat with followers ... and to share great news.

Kail's been working on her book, A Letter of Love, which promises to tell a whole side story about her life that MTV's cameras have never captured.

That book is now printing!

Selfie with Lux

Taking to Twitter, Kailyn tweeted: "Beyond excited!"

No, this isn't excitement about her fight with Briana DeJesus. This is something very positive.

"My publisher @iamardreorie just delivered the news," Kail gushes.

Kailyn then reveals "that copies of my new book 'A Letter of Love' are printing!"

That is so exciting!

Kailyn Lowry Smile

"And," Kailyn continues. "The support from you guys has been overwhelming!"

Kail is a sweetheart and she always gives a shout-out to her fans.

"I’m finally telling my side of the story," she writes.

Remember, everything that we've seen on Teen Mom 2 has been told through the lens (literally!) of MTV.

Their job is to make entertainment, not tell Kail's story.

That's okay, but it means that a lot of fans don't have the real picture. Kailyn tweets that she can share her narrative "my way." At last.

Playing on the Beach

Back in January, Kailyn explained the origins of her new tell-all book.

"The book was an apology letter to Lux," Kail revealed.

Sometimes, the idea for a book grows out of a single thought or piece of writing -- even a tweet.

Kailyn shared that she was apologizing "for basically the mess he was born into."

That sounds so healthy. More parents should take the time to consider the world into which they're bringing children.

A lot of kids are owed apologies.

Lowry and Sons

"And," Kailyn continued, she also wanted to express to Lux "how bad I feel."

Naturally, it grew into something a little more -- and Kailyn's book is about her sons Lincoln and Isaac, too.

Kailyn explained: "But now it's to all three of them."

"I feel bad and I’m nervous about how a lot of my decisions will impact them or affect them," Kailyn explained.

"So I’m apologizing to all of them," Kail said. "And I want them to know how much I love them and I’m working now to pick up the pieces."

Kailyn and Her Family

We think that they know better than anyone how much she loves them and how she does her best for them every day.

A Letter of Love is currently available for preorder from 13 & Joan Publishing.

Kail is no newcomer to the publishing scene, of course. She's already an author.

Fans are of course familiar with Hustle and Heart and with Pride Over Pity

I'd say that I'm crushed that she's deviating from alliteration for this new book, but she did that before with Love is Bubblegum.

(Kail is so busy!)

Unfortunately, we all remember when Chris Lopez burned a copy of Kailyn's last book. It was not one of his finer moments.

Hopefully, this new book can avoid meeting a similar fate. After all, it is about and written to Chris' son.

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