Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Is Kortni Gilson Pregnant?

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Floribama Shore took viewers on a wild ride this week. 

Kortni Gilson, one of this MTV show's leading ladies got the shock of her life when she tried to book an appointment with her OB-GYN after questioning whether she had something going on downstairs. 

She was told to conduct a pregnancy test because, well, she'd been having lots of unprotected sex with her scary boyfriend, Logan Fairbanks. 

Thankfully, Nilsa was on hand with one for her. That's when thing took a crazy turn: There was a faint blue line on the stick. 

For those who are not familiar with pregnancy tests, that means there's a chance someone could be pregnant. In this case, it was Kortni, and she did not know how to react. 

The next step was to visit the doctor to find out whether she had a little Floribama bun in her oven, but she had to wait several days for the appointment. 

Kortni Gilson

Totally dramatic, right?

Nilsa was quick to point out that they should keep it to themselves because, well, even when you're pregnant, it's the rule of thumb to keep things on the down-low until three months have passed. 

With eager producers who are thirsty for all the drama, Kortni wasted no time in telling her fellow roomies about her dire situation. 

Aimee took it well but wanted her friend to use condoms in the future. Kortni did not seem too enthused about that thought but later confirmed that she had a miscarriage before and was worried about the prospect of the same thing happening again. 

As previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, Kortni's boyfriend and potential baby daddy, Logan is not father material and has been reprimanded on multiple occasions for stalking

Kortni Gilson on Instagram

Thanks to reality TV being filmed months in advance, we're only just getting to the stalker drama, and boy, Logan is deluded. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that he's made several comments about Kortni's roommates being around when he is, threatened to fly off the handle, and just generally been a sucky person. 

It all came to a head on this installment thanks to Kortni going out and not drinking with him. Every single time he begs for attention, he does it in such an extra way that it bugs Kortni. 

It got so bad that Kortni had to flee a nightclub and head home with her friends to escape his clutches. 

Once home, she conveniently started doing more pregnancy tests as she awaited her appointment, but her own personal stage five clinger showed up as she was waving the pregnancy tests around. 

Logan Chastises Kortni

Jeremiah decided he would stand next to the room the pair were bickering because he was ready to rearrange Logan's face. 

Logan flew off the handle and exited the house because everyone knew he was acting out of the ordinary. However, the episode closed with him waiting outside, potentially to go in for another go at it. 


Meanwhile, Kortni brought Aimee to the doctor and found out that the latter had contract bronchitis. That was enough for Aimee to get her own private house, three doors down to recuperate. 

It showed a different side to Kortni, who has punched holes in walls, threatened to beat people up and yelled at people all season long. 

Aimee, Floribama Shore

Then there was Candace, and her boyfriend Gaytor, who continued to fight about all the phone calls the former was getting from dudes. 

They managed to brush it under the rug while sipping on mimosas for breakfast. That's a positive, we guess. 

What are your thoughts on the latest action?

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Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV.

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