Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Male Lingerie (??) as Indictment Rumors Swirl

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You would think that Donald Trump, Jr. would have bigger things on his mind, like his rumored engagement to Kimberly Guilfoyle or the mounting likelihood that he will be indicted.

Instead, he seems preoccupied by what kind of underwear other men are wearing.

We're not kidding -- he's actually tweeting about it.

Donald Trump Junior

Okay, so this is what happened.

HommeMystere is a lingerie brand based in Queensland, Australia.

Their products include lacy undergarments designed specifically for men

The Daily Mirror ran a story on the products, discussing how some straight men wear those clothes in the bedroom with their wives or girlfriends.

Instead of just noting that the product exists like a normal person, Don Jr. decided to discuss it with his Twitter followers.

Donald Trump Jr lingerie tweet

"Maybe on Halloween or if you lose a bet really badly..." Don Jr.'s tweet reads, suggesting when he thought that such attire would be appropriate.

(Lingerie on its own is not normally considered an appropriate Halloween outfit. Just a friendly PSA)

"Ah who am I kidding," he continues. "Not even then."

He then asks a strange question: "Who is pushing this garbage?"

In real life, we know that the product exists because there's a market for it. We know that Don Jr. is no business expert, but surely he understands that people create goods to sell to customers.


We're never going to accuse Don Jr. of being some sort of master strategist, but it may be that this tweet is his version of a calculated move.

A lot of Trump's base, rather than focusing on his lack of accomplishments, instead focuses on what they view as the alternative to Trump.

In the minds of many parts of his base, Trump is mostly just a symbol of very hardline definitions of masculinity and identity.

If he aimed to rile up Trump's most ardent, insecure supporters, then he was successful.

"Of course it is!" one of his followers tweeted. "Nothing like a bit of deliberate identity-eroding agenda pushing in the MSM these days...every day. S--t like this is why [Trump] won."

Donald Trump Jr, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Donald Trump

He might feel pressured to remind his base what the alleged alternative to his father is because, well, Don Jr. might get indicted soon.

Manafort was convicted on 8 counts. Michael Cohen flipped on Trump and agreed to a plea deal that includes prison time.

As more and more people in Trump's orbit are targets of Mueller's investigation, rumors swirl that Don Jr. may be one of the next dominoes to fall.

Is he afraid that he'll face consequences for his actions for the first time in his life?

Some wonder if he is even aware of that he is in the crosshairs of justice. Others think that all of this speculation about "who's next" is just wishful thinking.

Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle

Don Jr. being a jerk about what other people do in the bedroom is pretty standard for him. The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

It sounds like, if Kimberly Guilfoyle secretly harbors a kink of seeing her man all dolled up in lace, she'll be sorely disappointed.

Or maybe not -- if someone like Don Jr. were to do anything of the sort, he might feel a need to ... what's the opposite of virtue signaling? Malice signaling? ... mock it online.

(Like your friend who says "who likes that kink" very loudly on social media and then, six months later, confides in you that they, in fact, like that kink)

But whatever Don Jr. does in the privacy of his bedroom is none of our business.

But if what he does is illegal, then it may become Robert Mueller's business in the not-so-distant future.

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