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Remember how we told you that Derick Dillard thinks that God wants him to go to law school?

At the time, that was based upon some leaked information. But now, it’s official. Derick has announced that he’s going to become an attorney.

So, we’ll ask again: do you want this guy as your lawyer?

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On Instagram, Jill Dillard wrote "Exciting announcement!"

She linked to the family website, where she shared the news.

"We are excited," they wrote. "To announce our future plans!"

Fans should be excited, too — because Jill and Derick won’t be begging them for more cash to fund their mission work.

"We will be remaining stateside for now," they reveal.

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They go on to write that they’ll be remaining in the U.S. "as Derick is beginning law school at the University of Arkansas."

Though this news broke about a month ago thanks to some cyber sleuths, this is the first that Derick and Jill have announced it.

"We look forward," the message continues. "To seeing how God will continue to direct our family in this new chapter of life!"

Since they’re not asking fans to fund his newfound interest in the law, it is widely believed that Derick may be paying the $16,000 per year law school tuition.

A few fans have also suggested that perhaps Derick has found some ultra-conservative groups to fund his education, but that’s purely speculation.

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Instagram commenters met this news with … mixed responses.

"Good luck derek," one wrote. "If u don’t anything nice to say, then don’t say it."

That sentiment came up a lot — but also got shot down by people who say that Derick himself does not live by any such creed.

"I highly doubt he would turn away a gay client," one commenter asserted. "Just because someone identifies as Christian, does not mean they are homophobic."

That’s absolutely true — but Derick’s own views towards the LGBTQ+ community are infamous.

"You see nothing wrong with Derick’s actions and words?!" one commenter asked another. "I bet if Jazz was your family member you would feel differently!!"

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Not every comment was political! Some commenters were, well, a little hornier than you’d expect.

"He looks more handsome all dressed up," wrote one thirsty followers. "However that time when his hair was so long he did look good too."

But yes, a lot of the comments were arguments.

One person suggested that the country needed more attorneys in order to defend religious liberties.

"There is a separation of church and state in this country that needs to remain intact," another commenter responded. 

"By your logic," they continued. "Then the need for more Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc., lawyers are needed as well. And just so you know, I’m a Christian minister."

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"Regardless of the motive behind it," wrote another. "What Derrick did was blatant, unprovoked, hateful bullying."

That same commenter continued: "Just because he’s a man of god does not make him better or smarter or put him in a position to tell others how to live their life."

Religious discourse can be very interesting on its own, but it shows the anxieties that Derick and Jill’s followers have. 

What sort of attorney would Derick be? Not, one imagines, a civil rights attorney.

Many believe that he’s just setting the stage for an attempt at a political career.