Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton: Already Fired from Teen Mom OG?!

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It's been a pretty crazy eventful for Teen Mom OG, huh?

There's been so many changes to the cast, it's a little hard to keep up with who's actually going to be on the show in the new season.

Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout

We do know that Farrah Abraham has been fired -- that happened last season, and everyone seems to be pretty happy that she's gone.

We also know that Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer were fired after Maci Bookout threatened to quit if MTV kept filming them.

Last month, the news broke that Bristol Palin would be joining the cast, and she's since confirmed it.

MTV confirmed it as well, releasing a sneak peek for the upcoming season that focused on her family.

So that means we've got the original cast of Maci, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell, minus Farrah, plus Bristol.

But what about Cheyenne Floyd?

Back in June, several outlets reported that she'd be replacing Farrah as the fourth mom on the show.

Farrah publicly responded to the news, as did David Eason after some offensive old tweets of Cheyenne's resurfaced, but in all this time, MTV has never confirmed or denied anything.

Cheyenne Floyd Rocks Bikini, Baby

Which is weird, since Bristol's already got her own teaser, you know?

So what happened?

Did MTV quietly cut ties with Cheyenne after the backlash from her tweets? Did they decide Bristol was a big enough addition for now?

We're not sure, but according to a new report from Radar Online, Cheyenne and her ex, Cory Wharton, are pretty upset with the way things have been happening.

Cheyenne Floyd and Family

A source explains that after Bristol's big reveal, "Cory believes MTV is shutting out their family."

And that's fair -- MTV debuted the Palins during the VMAs on Monday night, but there hasn't been one single peep about Cheyenne and Cory.

Still, this source claims that they're definitely still on the show, and that they're even scheduled to do some press photos next Monday.

But the word is that the network is still going to wait a bit before officially announcing yet another new addition to Teen Mom OG.

Cheyenne Floyd With Her Daughter

Most likely, we won't hear or see anything about Cheyenne until the middle of next month.

Honestly, it seems kind of weird that MTV would wait that long for even just a statement.

The season premiere is set for October 1st, so waiting until mid-September to name a new cast member is a little ridiculous.

Of course, there's a chance that network executives are still trying to decide if she'll be a good fit for the show, even this close to the premiere.

Cheyenne Floyd Breastfeeding

Back in June, we heard that Cheyenne and Cory were "test shooting," and that they hadn't signed a contract before filming.

At that point, they hadn't been paid anything either, because producers wanted to be sure she could fill Farrah's dumb, dramatic shoes before making anything official.

We haven't heard anything else about their contract since then, but cast members have revealed that MTV isn't afraid to make edits to the episodes, even soon before the episodes air.

Could Cheyenne be edited out completely if she doesn't bring the drama?

Is that why there still hasn't been an announcement?

Guess we have to wait a few more weeks to see!

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