Duggars to Kendra Caldwell: No College For You!

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It's been two months since Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell welcomed their first child, and the young couple has been keeping a relatively low profile as they focus on their new family.

In many ways, Kendra is the ideal Duggar wife.

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell on TLC

She's happy to be subservient, marry young, and start popping out kids.

But in some ways, she represents a challenge to the Duggar way of doing things.

While Kendra was homeschooled by her mother and preacher father, her family reportedly places a higher emphasis on formal education than the Duggars.

In fact, before she met and married Joseph, Kendra was reportedly planning to attend college.

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell, Honeymoon Interview

Those plans have now been scrapped, and some fans feel the Duggars are to blame.

As evidence, they point to a video that appeared on the Duggars' Facebook page just before Joseph and Kendra's wedding last year.

“We are so excited about our wedding day. It’s coming up quick, so we’re super excited,” Kendra said of her impending nuptials.

While many fans shared in Kendra's excitement, others were not so thrilled.

Joe, Kendra Duggar

"She doesn't get to pursue an education or explore other avenues," one fan commented.

"She has been raised to be subservient to a man and to be nothing more than a breeder. It isn't something to celebrate. It's incredibly sad."

Another commenter described Kendra as a "poor, young, brainwashed girl." 

As The Romper points out, the video was recently deleted from the Duggars' page, seemingly in response to the negative comments.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar

Not only will Kendra never attend college, it looks as though she may have never received a single day of formal education, other than "taking a Bible college course" at the church where her father serves as pastor.

Many fans have pointed out that if Kendra wanted to attend college, Joe and his family would have ample reason to dissuade her.

For starters, as a Duggar wife, she's supposed to devote the entirety of her adult years to being a mother.

On top of that, the Duggars would likely not be thrilled by the idea of a wife being more highly educated than her husband.

So for the time being at least, it seems Kendra will be forced to say goodbye to whatever dreams of college and career she may have once harbored.

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