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It’s official — Cheyenne Floyd is the latest mother to join the hallowed Teen Mom franchise.

And she’s the first to do so without actually being a teen mom!

Cheyenne Floyd Rocks Bikini, Baby
Photo via Instagram

Yes, Cheyenne gave birth to her first child last year at the age of 24.

And that’s just one of the reasons that her new co-stars aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of sharing screen time with Cheyenne.

Amber Portwood and other cast members have reportedly been quite vocal in their complaints to producers.

Some apparently feel that the show doesn’t need a fifth cast member to replace Farrah Abraham, while others have taken issue with Cheyenne personally, arguing that she’s a bad fit for the series.

But whether Amber and company like it or not, producers have already taken steps toward introducing Cheyenne to the Teen Mom fan base:

Cheyenne Floyd Chillin'
Photo via Instagram

"They started test shooting on Wednesday," a source close to the show tells Radar Online.

But production insiders are careful to note that this is just a test run.

Cheyenne has not yet received a dime from the show, and she apparently won’t be paid until producers determine if she’ll be able to "fill the big hole" left by Farrah.

We assume the source proceeded to giggle for 20 minutes after mentioning Farrah and hole-filling in the same sentence.

"They haven’t been paid yet," the source confirms.

"They have not signed a contract at this time."

And if the rest of the moms get their way, Cheyenne never will sign a contract:

Cheyenne Floyd Styling
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"Amber [Portwood] is pissed off about a new cast member,"

And apparently, she’s not alone:

"They’ve been doing Teen Mom for 10 years and don’t think they like the idea of someone who is a total newbie and has never even been on the show before coming on permanently," says the insider

"They all just think it’s stupid that they’re bringing in people from outside the franchise instead of bringing the [Teen Mom OG] and [Teen Mom 2] casts together."

Since combining two shows into one would likely mean all the payroll expenses and half the ratings, we can see why MTV wouldn’t be thrilled by that suggestion.

Cheyenne Floyd With Her Daughter
Photo via Instagram

As for how Farrah feels about her replacement, she gave Radar a typically Farrah-esque response:

"I don’t watch the show anymore, as I’ve moved on," she said.

"The show was done when I left."

Thus far, Cheyenne has turned out to be such an unpopular choice that the moms might actually prefer to have Farrah back.

Does this mean the Backdoor Teen Mom won in the end?

Whatever the case, as you can see in the gallery below, Ms. Floyd is already proving to be a very controversial choice, and her days as a Teen Mom might come to an end before they really begin: