Bachelor in Paradise Recap: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

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Viewers basically heard Leo roar on Tuesday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

(That's a very funny joke because the astrological sign Leo uses a lion as its symbol and the sound most commonly associated with a lion is a roar.)



On the cliffhanger that closed out Monday evening's installment of this booze and sex-heavy reality series, Leo told off Kendall for kissing another guy.

In response to this verbal attack, Joe intervened to kick off the follow-up episode, asking Kendall to take a walk with him in order to break up the confrontation.

Kendall said she was all set to focus on her relationship with Joe at this time, despite her concerns.

However, later John laid a smooch on Kendall shortly after, much to her dismay... but not to her confusion.

She went right up to Joe afterward and made it clear that, anxietites be damned, she still wanred to purse him.

Joe was very understanding (of course he was, right?) and even referred to Kendall as “my girlfriend.”

How sweet, right? But also, how great of a set-up for The Cocktail Party Straight From Hell...

its leo

At the nightly gathering, multiple contestants lined up to make a toast.

Once Leo stepped up to do so, he said Kendall was “full of sh-tt” and wished her good luck with the “grocery store bitch.”

Leo made his way to the exit, but Joe followed and implored him to say such an insult to his face.

Leo then obliged -- and threw his drink in Joe/s before crew members dragged him away. It was awesome! 

The instigator left immediately, and Kendall, who was glad to see Joe defend her honor, checked on the man with whom she's smitten.

leo tweet

Elsewhere this week, in non drink-throwing developments...

Eric and Angela went on their first date, during which time they came right out and said they were all-in on a relationship, with Eric even saying Angela was The One.

So... when is the wedding? Not so fast, folks.

Cassandra came in later in the week and caught Eric’s attention.

He started flirting with her and told her he was “open" to doing even more. Heck, he even accepted when she asked him on a date.

Eric explained to Angela he felt differently about their romance when he woke up that morning and wanted to test the waters. So much for that whole The One thing, huh?

This obviously left her feeling bitter and mad that he’d lied to her, as the other women became nervous about their own “stable” relationships.

Angela and Eric

Meanwhile, Benoit made Jenna feel terrible for dumping him by questioning her basis, which was that she felt the choice was best for him.

When Jordan found Jenna crying in a hammock with a pillow over her face, she attempted to convey what transpired -- and Jordan proceeded to lash out at Benoit for upsetting her.

Also at the cocktail party, when shade and drinks were NOT being thrown, Chelsea became Bachelorette for the night, with Benoit, Connor, John and David all competing for her rose.

This was a difficult decision for her, but Chelsea eventually gave the much-desiredflower to John because she could see herself with him, leaving the remaining to join Leo on his way home.

Jordan and Jenna

Finally, Olivia arrived the following day and staked her claim on John.

The tandem said they wanted to spend the rest of Paradise getting to know each other, leaving Chelsea high and dry ... yet again.

How will things pick up in six days? Will anyone else get doused with any alcohol?

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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