Paola Mayfield Claps Back at Mom-Shamers Over Exercising While Pregnant!

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90 Day Fiance stars Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield are expecting their first child! This is exciting news, and Pao has been showing off her baby bump left and right.

But as much as fans may enjoy seeing her flaunt her baby bump in a barely-there bikini, others have been mom-shaming her for continuing to work out while pregnant.

Now, Paola is clapping back at her trolls.

Paola Mayfield Pregnant Picture

Concern-trolling is when people use alleged "concerns" that they have about someone else as an excuse to harass them.

One of the most common forms of this is mom-shaming, when, under the guise of worrying about a child's health (or, in this case, a baby who won't be born for months), people attack a woman's way of life.

So, what is Paola doing? Is she skydiving? Is she drinking? Joining a group of people who think that the Zika virus is a Deep State Illuminati conspiracy and offering her skin to every mosquito she sees?

No. Of course not.

Paola's "crime," in the eyes of these body-shamers, is exercising while pregnant.

Paola Mayfield: Look at My Baby Bump!

After Paola shared a glimpse of her pregnant body, looking as fit as ever even with the baby bump, she also let fans see her workout out a little.

While working out, she had weights attached to her waist. She is, after all, a fitness model.

So-called "fans" piled on the outrage, claiming that her activities were dangerous.

Instead of firing back directly, Pao shared a screenshot of someone else speaking up in her defense.

Take a look:

Paola Mayfield pregnant workout defense on IG

"I have never read such ignorance in a paragraph," the fan writes. "And I am so sorry for your heart."

"I am a public health professional with a background in holistic health," the person says. That's a little vague, but it's something.

"Exercising during pregnancy is totally recommended if the person was doing it before," the comment says.

We have heard this time and time again from medical professionals and from pregnant moms who are getting mom-shamed for no good reason.

"The baby actually received more oxygen and nutrients because the mother is more physically active," the commenter explains.

Paola Mayfield and Russ in the Water

That did not stop hordes of mom-shamers from commenting, both before and after she shared that.

"Be careful on working out when you're pregnant," wrote one person whom literally nobody had asked.

"I just saw a video of you pick up weights around your waist," another wrote even though it's not their business.

"Please," that comment continued. "Tell me that that was before you were p.g. I'm old school Hispanic and you should take it easy. Just my opinion."

Just your opinion ... that no one ever asked to hear.

Paola Mayfield, Pregnant and Loving It

Others had even more hateful things to say.

"You're a hoe then who baby Is it Jorge baby?" one hater wrote, referring to 90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava. "lol but I thought it was Russ baby i guess Russ ain't the dad lol your married and pregnant but teasing men? That's wrong."

"Youre hot and all," commented another. "But your need for attention is kinda sad. Oh well, nice ass!"

These people are ... scum.

"She not a good role model," declares another comment. "She's teaching you to tease men when she's pregnant and married that's not good role model lol."

She literally just made a video of herself. If that is "teasing," that sounds like a problem with the viewer.

Boy on Tap

Someone else chimed in with an even wilder criticism.

"In touch agrees with Paola! Of course they do they also support with abortions!" one truly bonkers person wrote. "Let’s protect anything but the baby. That’s what’s really sad."

That same awful person continued: "Your life Paola. Paola gets angry because people are worried about the baby . Her motto is I do what I want regardless of who I hurt as long as I get that$$$$."

Pao did have plenty of fans who wrote pleasant things in her defense. Here's a great example:

"Pao can do whatever she chooses it's her body and it's her baby," a decent commenter wrote. "She's a very beautiful lady and she's loving the experience that her body is going thru. So let her enjoy it.."

Well said.

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