Texas Woman Arrested for Biting Off Fellow Party Goer's Nose

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Attention, Florida Woman:

You suddenly are facing some stiff competition from Texas Woman, something that would have seemed unimaginable just a few days ago.

But then the following story hit...

jess shot

According to an ABC affiliate in Texas, a woman named Jessica Collins was arrested last Wednesday night after she got very drunk at a party and then bit off a fellow attendee's nose because she was asked to leave.

The incident took place in the town of Conroe, where authorities explain that Collins, a woman with whom she was staying and the neighbor of this second woman all went out to a bar.

Later, they continued their little party at the third woman's house.

In the police report, this third woman is simply identified as "Tatiana."

Once the trio were at Tatiana's home, Collins reportedly asked for more alcohol.

But she was denied and then asked to leave, as Tatiana determined Collins had already had plenty to drink.

This, authorities say, is when Collins grew angry, belligerent and violent, attacking Tatiana and actually biting off her nose.

no nose

Tatiana said Collins grabbed her by the hair and tossed her to the ground and that it all happened too quickly for her to fight back.

"All I [can] remember is the taste of blood in my mouth,” Tatiana, told KTRK-TV, adding:

“I was screaming, like, ‘I don’t have a nose! I’m 28 years old and I don’t have a nose anymore!"

Tatiana added to ABC that she passed out numerous times and didn't realize her nose was injured until she was in the ambulance.

This entire scenario may seem funny to some readers, but it's actually quite sad and disturbing.

Tatiana needs plastic surgery, within two weeks if she wants her nose to look the same, but she does not have health insurance.

As a result, some friends have started a GoFundMe page; and it has already raised $17,000 to help Tatiana afford the procedure.


My friend was attacked by a mentally unstable person last week, when me friend asked her to leave her property, instead of leaving, the lady lunged at my friend, biting off her nose and swallowing it, reads the page, continuing:

Because of the missing piece was never recovered, my friend now needs reconstructive plastic surgery. But if she doesn't have it within 2 weeks, the wound would start to heal and the surgery would be more complicated (according to the doctor).

Unfortunately, my friend doesn't have medical insurance and the doctor is requesting payment upfront. The surgery costs $12,000, but there isn't a price for the emotional and bodily damage my friend is enduring.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Collins, 41, has been charged with assault-bodily injury.

She was released on bond on Monday.

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