Alexis Bellino Delivers Tearful Divorce Confession: I'm NOT Okay!

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Former Real Housewife Alexis Bellino is finally getting divorced from Jim Bellino. She even shaded her ex in an Independence Day post.

But not everything is happy in divorce-land.

In a tearful confession, Alexis makes it clear to her followers that she is riding an emotional rollercoaster.

Alexis Bellino is Sad

Accompanying a view of her tearful face, Alexis Bellino makes a confession to fans.

"My best friend thinks I need to document my life right now," admits in the lengthy captions of her post.

Sometimes, keeping a record is smart. At the very least, her followes want to know how she's doing.

Alexis continues, saying: "My life truly is a range of emotions that I have never experienced."

When things really change, that's when you can experience negative emotions that you haven't really felt since adolescence.

Alexis describes her mood: "I am always exhausted, never hungry, happy one minute, sad the next, excited the next, devastated the next, numb always, and then repeat."

Alexis Bellino Celebrated Independence Day

"I don’t know who else has been through this," Alexis admits.

She might find that she's not nearly as alone as she thinks.

"But I try to be strong every minute," Alexis says, before confessing: "And that isn’t the REAL."

Sometimes, you put on a brave face. But that's your face -- not your heart.

"I’m broken. I’m sad," Alexis says. "Sometimes I zone off like in this video."

Alexis Bellino is Having a Hard Time

A lot of what she describes sounds like situational depression. A lot of it just sounds like having a rough time because you're getting divorced.

Alexis writes: "I don’t think anyone can go through a divorce and not feel all of the above emotions."

She might be surprised. There are some people who feel nothing but hate when they get divorced. Others feel nothing but relief.

"All I know is that God is with me through this," Alexis writes. "HE is getting me through this."

If you're a person of faith, falling back on your religious beliefs to see you through can be a great source of comfort in times of turmoil.

Alexis Bellino and Children at the Movies

By the end of her post, it appears that Alexis has grown more confident.

"I will get through this storm," Alexis writes. "This season, this extremely painful time, and I will be stronger on the other side."

At the very least, she is writing affirming words. That's a good start.

"It’s so difficult going through the rain to get to the rainbow," Alexis writes.

Obviously, she is speaking in metaphor. Literal rainbows and rain do not quite work like that.

Alexis Bellino Family Photo

At the end, Alexis writes: "At least my bestie knows how to make laugh when I’m about to cry..."

That's bordering on Taylor Swift lyrics. We're here for that.

In addition to the usual emotional difficulty of divorce, Alexis was dealing with other concerns.

For one, she was moving in to a new house. That is one of the biggest stressors in the world. (So is divorce!)

Another is that her kids were visiting her ex. Visitation can be difficult.

Also, it sounds like she's been stressing about finances. Divorce is often necessary, but rarely fun.

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