Pete Davidson Deletes Instagram Page. But Why?!?

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It is all over for Pete Davidson.

His presence on Instagram, that is.

But also his relationship with Ariana Grande? That's the major question here, folks.

In Bed! Together!

On Monday, fans took note of Davidson taking an axe to his entire Instagram page -- and doing so on the same day that Grande's ex-fiance, Mac Miller, commented on the singer's romance with the comedian.

"I was in love with somebody. We were together for two years. We worked through good times, bad times, stress and everything else. And then it came to an end and we both moved on," Miller said in an interview, adding:

“It’s all positive energy. I am happy for her and [the fact that she’s] moving forward with her life, just as I’m sure she is with me.”

So... why would this prompt Davison to do away with his social media presence?

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Affection

Does this mean he and Grande really are about to break up?

Not necessarily.

The move also came just hours after Davidson got into it with a few online trolls.

On Sunday, Davidson shared a note on Grande's recent Instagram post about the artist's late grandfather in honor of the anniversary of his passing, writing "omg what a cutie."

Some fans interpreted this remark as one directed at Grande, thinking it was wildly inappropriate of Davidson to comment on his lover's looks, considering the basis of the photo.

pd insta

But Davidson grew quickly irritated at anyone making this claim.

"Are you guys all insane?" he wrote to these critics, adding:

"I was talking about how cute her grandpa is. What's wrong with that? You guys will really look for anything to attack people. It's sad."

As a result of this frustrating exchange and result, it's very possible that Davidson deleted his Instagram page because he simply didn't want to deal with idiots any longer.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

It's very possible he and Grande are happier than ever and really may get married in the near future.

The thing is... Davidson made this decision shortly after Grande Tweeted something cryptic:

“The energy u put out is exactly what u get back, please create a beautiful life for yourselves."

Could this have been directed at the aforementioned trolls? Yes.

Could it also have been directed at Davidson? Yes.

Ariana Grande Thirst Trap Dance Move

This is the price Ariana and Pete are going to need to pay until they're together for a very long time.

That's what happens when you get engaged after about a month of dating; questions arise quickly and easily regarding the stability of your relationship.

Recently, for example, Grande had to defend her choice to include the song “Pete” on her upcoming album "Sweetener."

“He’s my fiancé. This is my album. I’m an honest and emotional artist and human being and if my openness in my work isn’t for you, that’s OK,” she wrote to one fan, concluding:

“I won’t be offended. Still wishing y’all all the love in the world.”

Ariana Grande, Body Paint

But do Ariana and Pete have real, true, long-lasting love for each other?

That's the big question.

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