Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson: Wedding Happening MUCH Sooner Than Expected?!

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As you've likely heard by now, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged, and they really, really enjoy telling the world just how in hed over heels they are.

But for all their gushing about the loveliness of love, the couple has been silent about certain key details of their relationship.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

For one, they refuse to reveal exactly when they began dating, which has prompted rumors that Pete and Ariana cheated on their exes with one another.

The other big secret they're keeping from fans is just how soon they're planning to tie the knot.

We know that the preparations are already underway, and it was previously reported that the couple is planning to exchange vows before Pete heads back to work at SNL in September.

Now, it seems these two are planning to make it legal even sooner than expected.

Fans believe that Grande and Davidson will get married in two weeks, on August 4, due to the numerical significance of the date.

(The FDNY badge number of Pete's late father began with the digits and eight and four. Both Pete and Ari have tattoos of the number.)

Ariana Grande, Purple Hair

Now, the above photo of Ari is being interpreted as yet another sign that there's a wedding just around the corner.

Ari recently posted the pic in order to show off her new hair color. 

Fans think the lavender shade is part of the color scheme for her wedding ceremony.

It's a bit of a stretch, but nothing this couple does surprises us anymore.

The theory conflicts with another recent rumor about Ari and Pete, this one claiming that they're on the verge of calling it quits for all the reasons that everyone assumed they would call it quits:

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Harry Potter

“Ariana didn’t know who Pete really was and fell in love with the idea of being in love,” says one insider.

“Her friends and family, as well as her team, are already starting to see this relationship fall apart.”

Pete's joke about the Manchester bombing that remains a fresh source of trauma for Ariana reportedly caused the singer to engage in some serious self-reflection.

"Ariana wants the fairytale so bad, but Pete has already started to take a toll on her image, and she’s tired of constantly having to stick up for him,” says the source.

Further complicating the matter is the issue of Pete's sobriety ... or lack thereof.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Just months after checking into rehab for substance abuse issues, Davidson is proudly off the wagon, and many within Ari's inner circle see that as a major red flag.

For one thing, Ari cited the rapper's addiction troubles as one of the major reasons she decided to end her relationship with Mac Miller.

Her brother, Frankie, who recently celebrated one year of sobriety, has reportedly made it clear that he does not approve of the relationship and believes that Pete needs to sober up before he can be the sort of husband Ari deserves.

Sounds like a complicated situation.

No wonder these two have (allegedly) decided to just elope.

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