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Earlier this year, Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne were spotted locking lips, which seemed to confirm that the two were in some sort of relationship.

Recently, a fan asked Paris if she was bi, and Paris confirmed her sexuality.

Paris Jackson, Tattoo and Flowers
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But as far as Paris is concerned, she already did her official coming out — at 14.

Paris Jackson did an impromptu Q&A with some Instagram fans.

One fan asked: "Are you bi?"

"That’s what you guys call it so I guess," Paris replied, adding: "But who needs labels?"

If by you guys, she means English-speakers, she’s right, though there are a number of overlapping labels that people who feel attraction to multiple genders use.

Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne, Netflix and Chill
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Bisexual is the most common and most recognizable of those labels — but, as Paris suggests, not everyone is a big fan of labeling themselves.

Paris was not a huge fan of how that Q&A was covered on Tiwtter.

"How many times," Paris asked. "Have i publicly referred to the community as ‘my fellow LGBTQ+?’"

"Like even on stage," Paris writes. "I’ve been a part of the community for years."

Paris protests, writing: "i even mentioned having crushes on girls when i was 8 in a magazine before."

Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson Looking Cozy
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"i’ve been caught kissing girls in public," Paris reminds the world. "This is not news. …"

"EVERYONE HAS KNOWN FOR YEARS," Paris wrote in all caps.


As is very understandable for a young, free-spirited soul who has grown up in the spotlight as Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris became increasingly frustrated with the coverage of her "coming out."

"You’re 6 years late on this," Paris wrote in response to multiple articles.

Paris Jackson, Cara Delevingne Photo
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"You’re annoying," Paris wrote in reply to several other tweets.

"i said this multiple times, ages ago," Paris wrote. "This isn’t news."

As a model, as a celebrity, and as a member of the Jackson family, anything that she says or does — or, in this case, confirms — is going to be news to a lot of people.

When Perez Hilton tweeted about the story, mentioning that Paris was upset that people seem to forget that she’s bisexual, Paris objected.

"You’re labeling," Paris tweeted at Perez.

Paris Jackson Poses Topless on Instagram
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Perez can sometimes be a provocateur — sometimes, his phrasing seems aimed to prompt negative responses about his subject matter.

In this case, his tweet seemed to be in earnest.

Paris’ issue is with him referring to her as bisexual even though she did acknowledge that, well, bisexual is the term (or a term) that applies to her.

That said, Paris is definitely entitled to feel grumpy — especially about media coverage and especially about something so personal.

Some people are frustrated by labels.

Paris Jackson Looks Great
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For one thing, it’s not uncommon for people to change labels during life and later feel that they had boxed themselves in.

Paris in particular is a very, very free-spirited person who likely feels that sexuality labels divide people (though we don’t mean to put words into her mouth).

Others feel that labels provide clarity and help people to recognize that they are not alone and that there are other people who feel exactly how they do.

Paris has every right to label herself precisely as she wishes, or to not label herself at all.

Paris Jackson Looks Great
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As she goes after different entertainment news media’s tweets, however, she may want to put herself in their shoes.

Paris may want to consider, briefly, that the headlines that fuel her ire were intended to be positive and affirming.