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Even though Kailyn Lowry says that her kids are done filming Teen Mom 2 … sort of … fans can still see plenty of her beautiful boys on social media.

Kailyn just put up a series of gorgeous family snaps with her precious sons.

Fans were absolutely over the moon and could not stop raving about the photos. Though a few so-called fans made truly horrifying comments. …

Kailyn Lowry and Three Sons, Family Photo
Photo via Instagram

This whole photo looks so good!

Kail herself looks absolutely amazing, and as you’re about to see, fans took notice.

And her boys are all growing up so quickly!

Isaac Elliot Rivera, her oldest boy, is 8

Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, her son with the infamous Javi, is 4

And then there’s Lux Russell Lowry, who is still a baby at just 11 months.

Kailyn Lowry, Three Sons on the Beach
Photo via Instagram

(Theyr’e so adorable!)

"Cute family picture," one fan commented.

"This picture should be framed or put in a canvas beautiful looking great Kail!!!!!!!," another fan gushed.

"Such handsome boys!" reads another comment. "Beautiful family photo."

Like we mentioned, some fans and followers were throwing heart eyes at the mother of three.

"You’re looking fit!" one noted. "Are you doing anything in particular?"

Kailyn Lowry, Three Sons in Bed
Photo via Instagram

Fans continued to shower the family with compliments, with one writing: "Beautiful momma of 3 handsome boys."

"Oh my goodness how lovely [red heart emoji] your little boy is so adorable," another says. "I have one that age too."

She … she has three little boys of three different ages. We have no idea whether that commenter referred to Isaac, Lincoln, or Lux.

"I love you [purple heart emoji] and your boys are so cute," a fan wrote. "Lux is adorable Lincoln and Isaac are getting so big you’re such an amazing mother."

"Great pic," another declared. "And the boys are getting so big!"

Lux Russell Lowry Turns 11 Months Old
Photo via Instagram

(Lux just turned 11 months old last week!)

Unfortunately, not all fans had the most positive things to say.

"Lux out here lookin like Fabio w that hair," one wrote.

Now, that one is sort of ambiguous, but though it should be flattering, some people use Fabio comparisons as a "subtle" way of demanding that a boy or man have shorter hair. Ugh.

Other comments were downright racist.

"All different colours as well. That’s so embarrassing," wrote one inexcusably vile commenter. "3 kids, 3 different dads, 3 different colours. Major thot alerttt."

If you’re fixating on the racial makeup of children in a family photo, you’re being racist. Be better.

"Gosh lux looks like he doesn’t belong," wrote one commenter, as if racism is a fine thing to express. "The other two are gorgeous though very good looking boys well done kail doing a great job."

Kailyn Lowry, Burgundy Bikini

(Kail looks especially good this summer, and we know that Kail never photoshops her bikini pics)

Other fans had comments that were sort of strange compliments.

"I think it’s so neat that when you look at the boys as a group they don’t overly look alike," began one comment.

That person continued, writing: "but as soon as you add YOU to the photo they all look similar to you. It’s like you’re quite literally the piece that holds the puzzle together"

Like we said, it’s not exactly an insult, but it’s super weird to say.

"They are very adorable and you are rocking motherhood," writes a much more straightforward fan. "Even if we don’t see it all on tv, single mom of 3 boys is a tough job. You make it look like a dream job."

That is very high praise for the gorgeous mother of three.