Kailyn Lowry: My Kids Are DONE Filming Teen Mom 2! Except ... [EXCLUSIVE]

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If you've been watching Teen Mom 2, you know that things have gotten especially dramatic this season.

Well, things have always been dramatic, but as Kailyn Lowry said in a recent episode, there's been more of a Jerry Springer flavor of drama lately.

Maybe it's all the feuding between the cast members, maybe it was the huge mess that was last season's reunion, maybe ... no, it's pretty much definitely those first two things.

But the point is that things are different now.

And that's why Kailyn's made some big decisions about her family's place on the show going forward.

1. Kailyn and Sons

Kailyn and Sons
This is Kailyn and her three sons -- Lincoln on the left, who she shares with Javi Marroquin, Isaac on the right, who she shares with Jo Rivera, and then sweet little baby Lux in the middle, who she shares with Chris Lopez. And honestly, just LOOK HOW CUTE.

2. Awww!

We wanted you to start off with a dose of cuteness, because things are going to get real ugly, real quick.

3. Drama Drama Drama

Drama Drama Drama
So in this season of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn's unfortunately had to deal with a whole, whole lot of drama -- and we're just a few episodes in!

4. Drama from Briana

Drama from Briana
As you probably know, most of the issues so far have stemmed from Briana DeJesus and her relationship with Javi, which no one really handled all that well.

5. Too Much

Too Much
Javi made the mistake of not being 100% honest with Kailyn about the relationship and especially about their trip to Disneyworld (the one where Javi brought two of Kail's kids), and then Kailyn had that fundamental belief that Briana shouldn't have gotten with him in the first place, since it violated the sacred girl code.

6. So Much Fighting

So Much Fighting
Then, once Briana and Javi's relationship picked up, they all took turns being petty about it.

7. Reunion Fight, Take One

Reunion Fight, Take One
Things came to a head when they filmed last season's reunion last fall -- Briana accused Kailyn of being upset that Javi had moved on, and Kailyn criticized her for being disrespectful of her as the mother of Javi's child.

8. Reunion Fight, Take Two

Reunion Fight, Take Two
But last month, during the filming for the current season's reunion, things actually got physical when Briana attempted to physically attack Kailyn. It didn't work -- she tripped on the way to tackle her -- but her sister, Brittany, did manage to get in a hair pull.

9. MORE Fighting?!

MORE Fighting?!
Briana's also claimed that Kailyn tried to confront her without cameras at one point during the taping, but since security guards were all around, they never managed to really get in a good brawl.

10. Baby Daddy Drama

Baby Daddy Drama
On this week's episode, we also saw the beginning of some custody issues with Chris Lopez -- he filed for emergency custody and received supervised visitation, which really bothered Kailyn. As she said, he hasn't been around, so for her to be forced to hand over Lux to him would be very difficult.

11. Daddy Dom

Daddy Dom
Let's see, what else has been happening ... we're seeing the beginnings of her relationship with Dom Potter, which, wouldn't you know it, is also proving to be not super great. Like, so not great that Dom has posted results of an STD test she had after breaking up with Kail.

12. Yikes

So yes, like we said, there's a whole lot going on for Kailyn this season.

13. Thanks, Jenelle

Thanks, Jenelle
And it's not even just her own stuff she has to deal with, either -- we all saw how Jenelle made the last reunion into a nasty, volatile screamfest that must have been so uncomfortable for everyone.

14. Noooooooo!

And for all of those reasons, two of Kailyn's precious little boys will no longer be appearing on Teen Mom 2.

15. Not Isaac!

Not Isaac!
As a source tells us exclusively, “Kail and Jo have decided Isaac is not going to film Teen Mom 2 anymore."

16. A Tough Decision

A Tough Decision
"They came to this decision after the direction of the show and the situations that have gone down in the last two reunions."

17. Toxic

"Isaac is at the age where he comprehends what’s going on and the environment, direction of the show, and fights at the reunion are way too toxic and inappropriate for him to be around and both Jo and Kail don’t want him anywhere near it," the source explains.

18. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
It'll be sad not having Isaac on the show anymore, but the decision definitely makes sense. From what we've seen, he's an especially sweet, sensitive kid, so limiting his exposure to the kind of chaos Teen Mom is known for is probably a smart move.

19. Seriously, So Fair

Seriously, So Fair
Really smart move, actually: would you willingly bring your kid around Jenelle Evans and some vindictive DeJesus sisters? Didn't think so.

20. We're Not Ready for This

We're Not Ready for This
Jo's longtime girlfriend, Vee, has said that after this season, she'll no longer appear on the show either, so it really seems like this entire side of Isaac's family is making the move away from MTV. Again, it makes sense, but we can't help but feel a little sad.

21. Baby Lux Too?!

Baby Lux Too?!
Our source also says that "While her youngest son Lux is a baby, Chris Lopez doesn’t want Lux filming either. Him and Kail will likely make a decision about that soon."

22. Don't Do This to Us!

Don't Do This to Us!
It kind of sounds like maybe Chris doesn't want Lux filmed, but Kailyn is OK with it, and that's why they haven't made a decision yet. It also sounds like Chris may be open to letting Lux film when he gets older, so all hope is not lost!

23. And Lincoln?

And Lincoln?
Finally, the source says that "Lincoln is still filming to date due to his age and Javi being a part of the show and being okay with him continuing to film."

24. Thanks You, Javi!

Thanks You, Javi!
It seems like Jo and Chris had a big hand in pulling Isaac and Lux off the show, so likewise, it would seem like Javi is mostly responsible for keeping Lincoln on it. And thank goodness for that -- Kailyn's kids are just so, so cute, and it would be too upsetting to not see any of them anymore!

25. So Long, Kids!

So Long, Kids!
Do you respect the decision to take Isaac and Lux off Teen Mom 2?

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