Leah Messer: Scandalous Relationship With MUCH Older Boyfriend Revealed! [UPDATED]

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We supposed it's no great surprise that Leah Messer prefers to keep her love life on the down-low these days.

After two divorces and a handful of failed flings, Leah probably wants to make sure a relationship is the real deal before she shares the news with her millions of social media followers.

In the past, that's proven to be easier said than done.

(Remember when Leah and T.R. Dues tried to keep their relationship a secret and Teen Mom 2 obsessives found out about it immediately?)

Ms. Messer may have learned a lesson or two from those experiences, however, because she managed to keep her current relationship under wraps for several months.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Leah is dating a man named Jason -- and things have gotten serious in a hurry.

Jump into the gallery below for the low-down on Leah's new dude:

1. A Messy Love Life

A Messy Love Life
Leah's romances have been the cause of a good deal of strife over the years. Fortunately, Ms. Messer has remained in the game and never gave up on finding love.

2. Keeping It Local

Keeping It Local
Leah is flush with cash these days, and obviously, she's not burdened by a full-time job -- but she's still a single mother of three young girls, which doesn't allow a lot of time for travel. So Leah tends to favor romantic prospects who live nearby.

3. Splitting on Good Terms

Splitting on Good Terms
Leah's most high-profile breakups -- including her two divorces -- certainly weren't painless, but to her credit, she's managed to maintain close friendships with the fathers of her three kids.

4. Leah and Corey

Leah and Corey
Leah married Corey Simms -- the father of her twins, Ali and Aleeah -- in 2011. She admitted to cheating on him after just six months of marriage, and the couple called it quits shortly thereafter.

5. Leah and Jeremy

Leah and Jeremy
One year later, Leah tied the knot with Jeremy Calvert. The marriage lasted just shy of three years and produced Leah's youngest daughter, Adalynn.

6. Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
In the years since her second divorce, Leah has endured a series of failed flings (including a brief reconciliation with Jeremy), but those closest to the TM2 star say it looks as though she's finally found love again ...

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