Jacob Roloff Curses Off Donald Trump, Defends... American Flag Stomping?!?

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Jacob Roloff is not one to withhold his opinion.

The former Little People, Big World star quit this TLC show two years ago because it found it to be phony and recently went off on the ridiculous nature of reality television in a new book.

This is not someone afraid to speak his mind.

Jacob and Company

In case you haven't noticed, the same can be said for many Donald Trump supporters, which is why Jacob has landed himself in a bit of Internet hot water.

Late last week, Jacob shared an image on Instagram that appeared to be a protest of either the country in which he lives; the President; or both.

On the occasion of July Fourth, Roloff posted a picture of himself with his two feet on the American Flag.

Was he accidentally standing on this symbol?

Was he doing so on purpose as some kind of statement against the current White House and all it stands for?

Most Internet users assumed the latter, taking Jacob to major task for showing such disrespect and calling him out on social media for his actions:

roloff remove

According to various commentators, the photo was reported to Instagram and eventually deleted.

We can't even find a copy of it anywhere in the archives of the World Wide Web, so we unfortunately do not have the scandalous snapshot here for readers to debate and consider.

However, Amy Roloff did post a photo in celebration of America's birthday last week and many followers used its Comments section to remark on Amy's youngest son.

"You might want to teach your youngest son it's very disrespectful to step on a flag and post a picture of. It's very disrespectful," one user wrote, while another chimed in as follows:

"I'm all for people having different views, but stepping on the flag and telling the president to 'f--k off' is disgusting."

Amy on the Fourth

Indeed, this was a line that Jacob used in response to a few critics.

Happy to mix it up on Twitter, Jacob recently fired back at someone who didn't agree with Roloff's stance in regard to the topic of family separation at the Mexican border.

Your bio says family is everything yet you’re offended I am posting about the reunification of immigrant families... hmm, the 21-year-old wrote, concluding his reply as follows:


It's also evident that Jacob is aware of the controversy surrounding his flag photo, as he encouraged further talk about it on Twitter, while refusing to back down or apologize.

"For everyone ASTOUNDED at my political views... they are not new," he wrote online this weekend. "And they are inseparable from who I am."


Not wishing to upset their loyal fanbase, most Roloff family members keep their political opinions to themselves.

Matt came under some attack himself back in December when it appeared as if he supported Trump.

But Jacob, of course, is NOT a cast member any longer on Little People, Big World.

He is not beholden to producers and is free from concern over ratings.

In other words: He's outspoken by nature and has no professional reason to keep quiet.

This may not be the last time we hear from Jacob Roloff on the issue of Donald Trump.

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