Big Brother Recap: Who's Going Home?

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Less is more in the Big Brother house, and Sam Bledsoe realized that on the latest episode of the hit CBS reality series. 

If you've been keeping up to speed with all the latest events, you know that Sam has been ruffling a lot of feathers in the house. 

The reason for that is that she's paranoid she's being sent out of the game. However, she was given the secret power to give her the chance to return to the game, and it made her realize that she could build bridges and craft a good game out of her time in the house. 

Julie Chen Waves Big Brother Flag

She wasted no time in letting Tyler know that she was still his friend despite him being the one to put her on the block. She extended the olive branch by opening up about her power to Tyler. 

The good thing about her strategy was that she never went into detail about the power. Instead, she left a lot out so that she knows Tyler cannot go running his mouth about it. 

Elsewhere, Swaggy C continued to try and distance himself from Bayliegh, and he got on the wrong side of her when he suggested they should stay apart. All of this happened after he told her about Tyler saying she could be the replacement nominee. 

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

Oh yes, the drama is ramping up!

Bayliegh cried her way through the rest of the episode because she felt like she was being iced out. To be fair, she came into the game and played too hard from the get-go. 

But Swaggy said he would keep her safe, and he wanted to do his best to win the veto competition to keep the nominations the same. In the competition, Sam garnered an early victory, but it ultimately came down to Faysal and Tyler. 

Faysal Shafaat - Big Brother Season 20

Faysal took the win, and reiterated his stance that he wanted to keep the nominations the same. He and his allies were gunning for Angela, but the moment Bayliegh's name was thrown out as a replacement, they seemed to settle. 

While Faysal may have been winning competitions, he was not winning over the viewers. He was the least trending houseguest, and that meant he had to get "Hamazon deliveries" that meant he had to eat meat on demand. 

It was ridiculous, but at least it did not ruin his chance to win the veto. 

Sam Bledsoe

Going into Thursday's eviction episode, it will be a close call in the voting department whether Sam or Steve are evicted. Steve is tedious because he thinks that everyone will keep him safe, while Sam is a bit all over the place. 

Alas, we will find out how it all plays out on Thursday night. 

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