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Big Brother Season 20 may have had a slow start, but the drama and controversy is starting to kick off. 

We picked up with the HOH competition, and Angie was out for blood. She was mad at the fact that Brett lied about the hinky vote on her daughter’s birthday. 

Angie could not help but say she was targeting Brett. But things did not go her way, and she was actually first out of the competition. 

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She cheered when Brett fell soon after, and if anything, it painted a target on her back. It came down to Tyler and Sam, and Tyler wanted to make a deal because he did not want everyone thinking they were working together. 

You know, Tyler has been controlling the vote for several weeks, and it’s hilarious that nobody has figured out he’s playing all sides of the house. 

Sam won the HOH and quickly laid down the law with her fellow houseguests. She said she wanted the room to herself, and that nobody would be up there with her. 

She then went on to say that she had already made her mind up who she was nominating and that she would not be holding meetings. 

Sam Bledsoe
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It was a ballsy move but proved that Sam wanted a break from all of the scheming. 

After that, Rockstar went forward with her plan to get back at Brett. She chased him down with pots and pans and chanted about them working in an alliance together. 

The rest of the house laughed, but it was evident they were getting tired of all the screaming after it went on, and on. 

Kaitlyn then turned to Faysal for attention, and he did not want to give her time of day. He was worried that he was being played by two people close to him because the votes never go the way they are supposed to. 

Kaitlyn burst into tears for being put on blast, and Faisyal opened up about his lack of trust in many people in the house because he’s being played. 

Kaitlyn Herman - Big Brother Season 20
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The life coach subsequently concluded that Sam must have been the one to flip the two votes with her power, and everyone in her alliance seemingly got on board with it. 

Before we got to the nominations, there was a flashback as we got to see a heated argument between JC and Bayliegh. 

Bayliegh wanted to know whether JC is a dwarf. “I’m just a short guy,” he responded, but Bayliegh then asked if there was a difference between "a midget and a dwarf."

JC then went into detail about how the word "midget" was offensive to him, and compared it to the N word. But the issue for Bayliegh was that JC said the full word. 

JC Monduix
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It resulted in a big bust-up with Bayliegh leaving the situation. JC later managed to talk her around, and they bonded over the things that happened to them growing up. 

At the nomination ceremony, Sam nominated Haleigh and Kaitlyn for eviction, saying that the way they pursue the younger men in the house is “the opposite of female empowerment.”

Sam backed up her claim in the diary room, saying that she was tired of women taking "the easy way."

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