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We are one month away from Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and fans even have a new trailer to get them hyped.

But, in the meantime, Shannon Beador has a new boyfriend. She’s learning to love again, and fans are happy to know this.

And a report says that Shannon can’t imagine why she ever put up with cheating David’s lies for as long as she did.

Shannon Beador and Boyfriend Alex
Photo via Instagram

Celebrity Insider reports that, per their source, Shannon Beador is "a good place in her life right now."

What’s more — now that she’s experienced what a healthy relationship can be like, thanks to her boyfriend, she realizes what a nightmare her 17-year marriage really was.

"David is going to regret everything," the insider spills. "And, sadly, she will never take him back."

Well, that’s not so sad. Not after you’ve seen David Beador’s cruel and hateful text messages.

But it sounds like she’s finally at a place where his hurtful words don’t leave as much of a sting.

“Shannon thinks that he is such a joke," the insider says.

Shannon Beador Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Shannon knows this now, "and is grateful for her friends and fans who helped get her through all of that mess," according to the source.

As we mentioned, Shannon has a new boyfriend. His name is Alex.

They really seem to be having a good time with each other — to the point that it’s a shame that Alex has no plans to appear on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

They’ve been going on dates and, for the first time in about two decades, Shannon is experiencing what it’s like to date and fall in love again.

All things considered, she is reportedly wishing that she had "pulled the plug" on David the first time that he cheated.

Can you blame her? You can’t.

Shannon Beador Hits the Gym
Photo via Instagram

Becoming a happier person isn’t the only transformation that Shannon has undergone since kicking David to the curb.

Remember how she gained weight last year thanks to mounting worries?

It wasn’t much, and it certainly didn’t make her fat, but she did gain 40 pounds. And it sounds like David became unloving after Shannon gained that weight.

Well, success is the best revenge. And Shannon is acquiring quite the revenge body.

Thanks to hunky fitness trainer Steven Michael Sanada, Shannon has really transformed herself.

It is estimated that she has already lost 35 of those unwanted pounds.

Shannon Beador and Daughters, 2018
Photo via Instagram

David has his own new girlfriend, and he has not been shy about it.

And, considering how acrimonious things have become between David and Shannon, he may never try to get her back. (HIs loss)

But we have to consider that he may be alienating more than just Shannon.

His rude behavior may irreperably damage his relationship with their three daughters.

After all, this is the man who reportedly shut off the water to Shannon’s house — the one where his children live — because he was allegedly feeling spiteful over the spousal support that he was ordered to pay.

Between that and all three girls having seen how he treated Shannon in the months leading up to their split, some wonder if his actions have cost him his entire family.

There’s no amount of exercise that can fix that, dude.

Shannon Beador and Her Daughters
Photo via Instagram

Shannon is starting her second act in life.

So many marriages end in divorce, and it can be difficult to put yourself out there again and date.

In fact, some people don’t even bother.

Good for Shannon for knowing her worth and finding the strength to move on and find new happiness.