Leah Messer: My Sister Is Messing Up Her Life Just Like I Did!

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These days, Leah Messer's life has settled down a bit, but there was a time when she presented Teen Mom 2 viewers with as much weekly drama as Jenelle Evans or Kailyn Lowry.

Leah's been through so much that it can be tough to recall all of her ups and downs.

Leah on Teen Mom 2 Photo

But those who recall her earliest years as a reality star and new mom will remember that she experienced more downs than ups.

Viewers have seen Leah struggle with addiction.

They've offered words of encouragement on social media, as she's continued to cope with her daughter Ali's health issues.

And they've rooted for Leah through her two marriages and subsequent divorces.

Through it all, Leah has received support from her loving sister Victoria.

But while Victoria had a front row seat for all of Leah's troubles, it seems she didn't learn many lessons about how to avoid a similar fate.

Leah Messer With Victoria Messer

Back in 2015, Victoria welcomed her first child, a girl named Cami.

Just six months later, Victoria filed for divorce from her first husband, Brian Jones.

Clearly not one to waste time, Victoria revealed last week that she's expecting a second child.

And if you thought the announcements would stop there, you don't know Victoria:

The 22-year-old revealed on Facebook this week that she's already remarried -- to a man with the hilarious name of Domenick Crapello

We can only hope she decided to hyphenate and is now known as Victoria Messer-Crapello

Victoria Messer and Brian Jones

“I have came along way in my life, filled with negativity and just right down nasty people,” Victoria wrote on Facebook.

“My life changed a little over a year ago when I decided to change my lifestyle and who I had became within myself due to situations I was in. God blessed me with Cami November 16 of 2016.. she was my safe haven, she saved me," she added.

"I swore I would NOT allow negativity to continue or to continue being settled with my life especially when I knew in my heart my life needed changed for me and for her, for the better. I knew that we had a bright future ahead of us."

Victoria concluded with a bombshell, writing:

"Little did we know on this day Feb 23 2018 I would be a wife and a momma to 2 beautiful baby girls with another on the way. I am blessed and i love my family more than anything or anyone else.”

Leah and Victoria Messer Image

Yes, apparently, Victoria has been married since February.

Why she decided to keep the news to herself until now is anyone's guess.

Naturally, fans have been theorizing that she's angling to replace Jenelle Evans, who many feel is soon to be fired by MTV.

It's impossible to say for sure, but it's not such an outlandish theory.

After all, Victoria has been appearing on TM2 for free for several years now.

And she's got a lot of mouths to feed these days.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the messy Messer sisters.

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