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If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you’re probably aware that Leah Messer hasn’t been terribly lucky in the romance department.

Twice-divorced with at least one high-profile non-marital breakup under her belt, Leah just can’t seem to make her relationships work in the long-term, which is a shame, as it seems that there’s nothing she wants more than a white picket fence happy ending.

Sadly, it now looks as though Leah’s not the only member of the Messer family struggling with chronic romantic misfortune.

Victoria Messer and Brian Jones

Leah’s younger sister, Victoria Messer, welcomed a child with husband Brian Jones back in February.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Victoria has filed for divorce from Brian.

Details are scarce, but we know that either the split happened suddenly, or the couple remains on good terms, as Jones was effusive in his praise for Victoria just a few weeks ago:

“I just want to say thanks to the most beautiful woman in the world Victoria Jones. She has been there for me when no one else was,” he wrote in a Facebook status update.

“She give me hope even when I didn’t have it. She showed me love even when I didn’t, but the best thing of them all, she give me the most beautiful daughter in the world."

Victoria Messer With Brian Jones

He added:

"When I saw her for the first time. I knew my family was completed. I will always love you Victoria and Cami.”

Brian hinted at some recent struggles in his lengthy online tribute to his wife, but ultimately, he sounded optimistic for the future:

"It can be bad sometimes, it can be good but the best thing to do is keep the bad always from us and keep a positive mind because in the end that’s what matters in life,” he wrote.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a guy who’s headed for divorce, but who knows what may have taken place?

Maybe something calamitous happened, and Brian was completely blindsided by the filing.

Leah and Victoria Messer

Maybe Brian and Victoria really just parted on amicable terms and decided they’re better apart than together.

Maybe Victoria realized she’s been dating the ghost of a late founding member of the Rolling Stones all this time and decided disembodied spirits don’t make for great husband material.

Whatever the case, Victoria didn’t waste any time with a legal separation.

We guess breakups happen fast in the Messer clan!