Jill Duggar Swimsuit Photo: REVEALED!!

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These days, it's not uncommon for Duggar children to rebel against the constraints of their ultra-strict upbringing.

In particular, Jim Bob's offspring have been flouting the rules of the strict Duggar dress code by daring to wear pants.

And, in this case, pushing the envelope even further.

Jill Duggar Votes

Yes, it seems that Jill Dillard, the family's second-eldest daughter, is raising the bar even further by showing off a little shoulder skin.

The 27-year-old Jill posted the above photo on her Instagram page over the weekend with a caption reading:

"Nothing says summer like a relaxing family day at the pool! What do you enjoy doing with friends & family on summer days?"

We don't know about you, but our answer is obviously "sit inside and devote far too much time and attention to Duggar Instagram posts."

Anyway, you might not notice anything out of the ordinary about Jill's attire here ...

Jill Duggar Rocks Swimwear

 ... But if you're a longtime fan of her family's, then you're probably aware that Duggar swimwear used to be much, much more conservative.

Like, imagine the leotard-like getups those old-timey mustachioed barbell guys used to sport way back in the '20s.

As in the 1920s.

Then throw a t-shirt on top, and you've got a pretty good idea of how Duggar women used to dress for the beach.

See the pregnant Jessa's iconic pool attire below (and her husband Ben Seewald's swimwear to boot) below:

Jessa Duggar Swimsuit Photo

For the most part, fans were overjoyed that Jill is allowing herself (or being allowed by her husband) to dress like she's going swimming, not scuba diving,

"Love the fact that Jill is wearing a swimsuit!!" commented one follower.

Another fan was thrown for a loop, but not in a bad way:

"I think we’d love to hear your journey from skirts and wholesome wear swimsuits to pants and sleeveless suits."

"Absolutely no judgment. Just a question."

Jill Duggar and Her Pale Children

The ultra-conservative swimwear that Jill and her sisters used to sport was not the result of personal choice, of course.

Like everything else in their impressionable, sheltered lives, it was largely a consequence of their ultra-strict upbringing.

"The reason why we wear modest swimwear is we always want to be modest," Jana once explained on Counting On.

Jill's older sister lamented openly that "a lot of swimwear nowadays is exposing parts that shouldn’t be exposed."

Of course, Jill is still a Duggar, so it's safe to assume she had an agenda in mind when she posted this pic.

But it probably had nothing to do wiith whipping fans into a frenzy, and everything to do with rumors that her children are "sickly" and pale and seldom play outside.

We're guessing this pic is Jill's way of putting those rumors to bed -- and showing off a little upper arm while she's at it!

As always, you can watch Counting On online for more eternal wisdom from reality TV's most controversial family.

And check out some of their most, um, revealing moments in the scandalous (by Duggar standards) gallery below.

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