Jenelle Evans: Everyone Hates Me Because MTV Makes Me Look Bad!

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You know how every once in a while, Jenelle Evans gets her feelings all hurt because people point out how awful she is, so she looks for someone or something else to blame for her own actions?

It's that time again!

Jenelle Evans and a Green Screen

Jenelle's been getting a whole lot of criticism recently, but for good reason.

Things started going downhill in a big way after David Eason got fired from Teen Mom 2 for his horrific homophobic comments -- remember, she pretty much agreed with him.

After that, they went through a big pro-gun phase. She joined the NRA, they shared photos of their children with guns, and it was clear she was trying to be controversial.

Let's see, then that whole thing happened where she got a serious case of road rage and followed a stranger back to his house and pulled a gun on him.

But most recently, people have been hating on her for her parenting choices, specifically the ones featured on last week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

In the episode, Jenelle and David took the kids on vacation, and for a while, it looked like they were having fun.

Then it started to seem like they were getting overwhelmed with their children, and they started snapping at them for, you know, acting like excited kids on vacation.

Jenelle Eason, David Eason Photo

Jenelle flipped out because baby Ensley lost a sock somewhere, and during breakfast, David told Kaiser that he couldn't go to the bathroom, and also that if he had an accident, he'd be in big trouble.

Finally, the whole family went home early because Jenelle and David just couldn't handle it.

The last scene was saw was David trying to figure out how to turn off the cameras in the car before telling the kids how awful and annoying they were.

If you saw the episode, then you know it wasn't a great situation. And if you didn't, you can probably easily imagine why people felt the need to criticize.

But you know Jenelle -- it wasn't her fault, dude!

Over the weekend, she tweeted "I really wish I was respected more by everyone, including society."

(Feel free to take a LOL break here.)

Jenelle Evans: A Selfie

"But everyone just hates me cuz of @MTV portraying me the way they want," she continued.

"I wish you were able to see my life through my eyes for once."

She added "I know who I am and how my family is, and it's not what @MTV shows."

Yep, it's the classic "MTV edits my footage to make me look bad" routine. It's been a while, hasn't it?

But, as always, here's the thing: they can edit footage, but they can't create stuff that didn't actually happen.

Lots of people felt it was unfair for David to tell Kaiser that he couldn't go to the bathroom during breakfast and then tell him that he couldn't have an accident either, because it just set him up for failure.

That actually happened. There's no way MTV could have edited that to look a certain way.

David Eason and Jenelle

And with that scene in the car with David scolding the kids?

He said those words, and we're pretty sure the children don't have the acting skills to look as upset as they did.

You can apply that same argument to pretty much all of her scenes, but as she explained on Twitter, her actual behavior isn't her fault, either.

"Half the time we are mad," she wrote, "the attitude comes from cameras being in your face, anxiety builds, then you want them away."

"They only want the bad things. Nothing is about preventing pregnancy anymore."

Yeah, Jenelle, they "only want the bad things" because they're making a reality show, not pro-Jenelle Evans propaganda.

And of course she's not acknowledging that she's responsible for her own actions, and that if cameras cause so much anxiety that then causes her to act out, then maybe being on camera isn't such a good idea anymore.

But no, the issue is and has always been that MTV is mean to her and hides the fact that she is a wonderful mother with a stable home life.

Jenelle ... come on, girl.

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