Stormy Daniels Feuds with Roseanne Barr Over Anal Sex Accusation

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If the headline above does not perfectly sum up the world in which we live at the moment, we don't know what else would.

2018, huh, people?

Earlier this week, adult film actress and former Donald Trump sex partner Stormy Daniels got into a heated Twitter debate with revived sitcom star Roseanne Barr.

Stormy Daniels Smirks

The topic at hand was the act of anal intercourse.

The nauseating back-and-forth started when Daniels Tweeted the following:

Have you seen my tits? (Of course, you have) I don't jog anywhere. So I'll just sit here, sipping my coffee and talking shit. Xoxo.

Aside from detailing her affair with President Trump, Daniels has become known for this sort of forthright talk on social media.

She certainly isn't ashamed of her profession.

sd tweet

From here, am Internet user named Sassy Southern Diva (who has since deleted her tweet) replied as follows:

“You’re disgusting and do not represent classy women AT ALL. Your fifteen minutes of fame will be up soon and we will all be thrilled when that day comes!”

Sassy Southern Diva also tagged in Roseanne Barr in this message, because... why not, we guess?

Roseanne is having a moment.

For whatever reason, actress Patricia Arquette then got involved, chiming in with this reply:

Following this logic -If she doesn’t represent “classy women” I guess that means the President represents classless men? Hmm. Interesting. ..

This is where Barr leaped into the very random fray, Tweeting as only she can:

she's known for anal porn scenes.


But this is incorrect.

Farrah Abraham is known for anal sex scenes.

Daniels is just known for having vaginal sex, a point she made in response to Roseanne.

I don't even do anal movies, you ignorant twat," shot back Stormy. That's like saying you are known for your beautiful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

Roseanne Barr on Tonight Show

This, of course, is a reference to Roseanne's infamously disrespectful national anthem prior to a San Diego Padres game in 1990.

The comedian grabbed her crotch and spat on the field and was booed at the time by those in attendance.

See for yourself:

Fast forward 25 years and Roseanne is a passionate Donald Trump supporter while Daniels was a one-time semi-passionate Donald Trump mistress.

And now these two are feuding.

Over anal sex accusations.

Like we said above: 2018, huh?!?

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