Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Making Sweet, Unprotected Post-Marriage Love!

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So... now what?!?

Now that the Royal Wedding has come and gone, what are fans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gonna talk about and speculate over going forward when in regard this world famous couple?

Perhaps the following:

Meg and Har


As you might expect, there was plenty of chatter throughout the Internet prior to last weekend's nupitals about the state of Markle's womb.

Plenty of tabloids claimed that Markle was pregnant, but let's be honest:

We all saw her in that beautiful wedding gown, right? There was no baby bump in sight.

Still, there's little doubt that Harry and his wife will start a family at some point, with many insiders believing that point may be closer to this week than next year.

According to one hilarious report, the attempt has been underway for awhile now.

Harry and Meghan Kiss!

"Harry asked Meghan to ‘take out the goalie,’ a cheeky football joke about going off her birth control and removing any protection they have from her getting pregnant," an anonymous source tells Hollywood Life, to which we must reply:

Those silly Brits!

The term is "pull the goalie" in America; it comes from hockey, not football; and it's almost always used when a woman goes off birth control without telling her partner.

But anyway...

"They stopped using protection over a month ago, although they abstained from sex in the weeks leading up to the wedding," this same, apparently VERY knowledgable source says, adding:

"So on their wedding night, the baby-making sex really got started. They are both excited about having children as soon as possible.

"Their connection and the love making has only gotten better now that they are married."

At Their Wedding

We must once again raise a point/question here:

How did they both stop using protection a month ago AND abstain from sex in the weeks leading up to the wedding?

The former doesn't exactly seem necessary, or relevant, if the stars were not knocking boots at all.

That logical issue aside, we're glad to hear that Markle and Harry's sex life has improved since they exchanged vows.

This is often how it goes for couples, as the emotional connection while they writhe around naked together is stronger than it was before they were legally bound to each other for all of eternity.

“Meghan has never felt more in love or closer to Harry since he made her his wife,” the insider concludes.

“She is overwhelmed with joy and has never been happier in her entire life."

Meghan and Harry's Second Outfits

Harry and Meghan haven't even been married for a full week, and yet she's also experiencing all of these emotions.

That's so great!

Moreover, the pair delayed its honeymoon in order to celebrate Prince Charles' birthday yesterday, meaning they've barely even had time to themselves since tying the knot.

Seriously, can you imagine how hot the baby-making sex will be on the couple's honeymoon?!?

Very hot, we'd have to assume.

Like, very, VERY hot.

Meghan Markle Wedding Gown
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