Khloe Kardashian: I'm Staying With Tristan Thompson ... For One More Month

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After weeks of near-silence, Khloe finally responded to her critics ... who were shaming her for working out so soon after giving birth.

She still does not want to publicly or directly discuss the matter of Tristan Thompson and his rampant cheating during her pregnancy.

Now, a report gives some insight into her plans for the near future.

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

According to E!, Khloe Kardashian plans to stay in Cleveland for the near future.

"Khloe doesn’t have any immediate plans to head back to L.A."

Despite the pleas from her family who want to surround her with love and loyalty.

She might be getting the former in Ohio, but it's hard to believe that she's gettin the latter.

Unfortunately, it seems that as much as Khloe loves giving advice to her loved ones, she is unwilling to follow anyone else's.

"As of now, she’s planning on being in Cleveland for another month."

Hey, there might be hope on the horizon. Some time in late June, by the sound of it.

A Khloe Kardashian Kiss

"She’s built a nice, quiet life for herself in Cleveland, which is exactly what she wants right now."

Okay, first of all, no one wants to be in Ohio.

Sometimes you end up there and sometimes you have to go there. Like the airport. Or the Emergency Room.

"She’s really enjoying this quality time with her daughter and Tristan."

We absolutely believe that she's enjoying her time bonding with sweet baby True.

She may even be enjoying time with Tristan, but unless she's lost her mind entirely, it has to be a little awkward, right?

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Kiss

Apparently Khloe likes living "without all the distractions that come with being in L.A. surrounded by so many other people."

Who knew that Khloe would take so well to the simple life?

"She’s doing really well."

Good for her.

"And, of course, is very hands-on with True."

Meaning that she's not relying on nannies for most of her baby's childcare. Good.

With His Khaleesi

Even though Khloe is avoiding the stress and scheduling of Hollywood for the moment, the source says that "she's not bored at all."

She's keeping busy.

"She’s incredibly focused on her workout regime."

Yes. In fact, she asks fans to recommend good workout songs, and got epicly trolled with songs about cheating.

Hey, that's fair.

Obviously, the source then quickly mentioned that Khloe has something more important than fitness on her mind.

"And, of course, has her hands full with a newborn!"

Naturally. Being a parent to a new baby is a full-time job.

Kradling Khloe

This source says that Khloe has really taken to life in Cleveland.

"She really has made a home there."

Despite everything, Khloe and Tristan reportedly "seem to still be going strong."


But the source cites a reason for their renewed bond.

"True definitely brought them closer together."

That makes sense but, given that he was exposed as a cheater the day before she went into labor, most expected that she'd kick him to the curb as soon as she could.

A Kiss Between Lovers

On Tuesday, Khloe took to her app to discuss what she is learning about being a parent to one-month-old True.

"I think what surprises me most is no matter how tired you are, you find this energy and patience for your child."

That's great.

"You know that babies are so helpless and they rely on you for everything."

It sounds like Khloe has a healthy perspective on this.

"So something just takes over and you find the energy to care for this helpless precious baby."

Sadly, that instinct is not universal -- because there are some truly bad parents out there. But we're glad that Khloe has it.

But fans do wonder if Khloe will one day look back on her time in Cleveland and regret it.

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