Megan Fox Mom-Shamed Over Her Sons' Long Hair

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In the past, Megan Fox has come under fire for letting her young sons be themselves.

Now, the mom-shamers are back and attacking her over a precious photo of her boys at the beach.

What the trolls can't handle is that her sons have long hair.

Megan Fox Baby Pic

Megan Fox is getting shamed for the photo that you're about to see.

All because her sons have long hair.

Plenty of men have long hair. But there are people in this world who insist that the toxic cultural forces of the 1950s were right, and that all men must have short hair.

More to the point, there are some people whose ideas of hair length and gender are so inextricably linked that, in their twisted minds, a person with long hair is a girl.

Here is the great yet "controversial" photo of 5-year-old Noah and 4-year-old Bodhi.

Megan Fox Sons, Noah and Bodhi

It's a precious photo and they both look happy, and yet some people just couldn't keep themselves from mom-shaming the star.

"Megan why your boys look like they r girls?"

They literally just have hair.

"Lol ... poor things look like little girls ..."

Fun fact! Boys and girls both come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, and being mistaken for one or the other is not a source of shame.

"Poor boys they look like girls."

We should mention that the spelling on a number of these comments was especially bad.

"Why don't u cut boy's heir?? U r crazy about baby girl."

Green Kids

The fake sympathy continued.

"Poor darlings they look like they're wearing wigs!"

But that wasn't the worst of it.

Some of the comments became even nastier.

"'My boys are girls, I’m progressive.'  Yeah progressively assisting suicide and mass delusion!"

First of all, that's ... not the statement that Megan Fox was making. Boys with long hair are, in fact, boys.

Second of all, since this person decided to bring up trans children, suicide risk plummets for trans kids who are accepted and loved for who they are by their families.

But that's ... not really relevant to this photo.

Megan Fox positive comments on sons' hair

Before you lose all faith in humanity, there were plenty of positive comments.

In fact, we would say that most of the comments were affirming or simply direct praise.

"i love that you’re letting your kids choose how they wanna look."

In addition to posts that ignored the criticisms posted by trolls, some took things a step further and ridiculed the haters.

"WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! It’s hair! Men/boys have sported long hair since the beginning of time."

Nice to see some anger on the right side of the comments for a change.

"You sit here and wave your fingers at men for body shaming women and here you are shaming kids."

That's a very good comparison.

"STFU and back the hell up. These are not your kids, their hair has ZERO impact on you, but your words... have impact on them."

Megan Fox, Baby

Photos of Megan Fox's kids are rare, and we have to wonder if mom-shaming plays a role in that.

If every time that she shows a picture of her children, she gets accused of being part of the "trans illuminati agenda," she's going to give fans fewer glimpses into her life.

Some mom-shaming comes from a place of genuine concern. Questions like "is that baby old enough for solid food" usually come from a place of love or curiosity.

But these particular trolls seem to be trying to induce Megan to cut her boys' hair short to meet their arbitrary definition of masculinity.

It's absurd. And cutting your child's hair shorter than they'd like it because of some internet comments is not something that a good parent should do.

The world has always known that Megan is hot. Only in recent years have fans discovered that she's also an amazing mom.

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