Kim Kardashian Tries to Explain Away Kanye's MET Gala Absence

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Kim Kardashian got stood up on Monday night.

Sort of.

The former sex tape star and distributor was forced to walk the red carpet of the annual MET Gala in New York City by herself, prompting many to wonder about the whereabouts of husband Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian at the 2018 Gala

Was he off campaigning for Donald Trump?

Hanging with the only person who understands him, according to certain reports, Scott Disick?

Screaming into the void on Twitter, preparing to be taken to a mental ward?

Nope, nope and nope, Kim told her social media followers shortly after Monday's fashion event wrapped up.

Kardashian said that West was not by her side simply because he's too busy working on new music that will debut later this year.

“Love you babe wish you were here with meeeeee but you’re only finishing up 5 albums,” Kim wrote in reply to Kanye commenting on a few sexy photos of his wife last night.

Kim Kardashian on

It is true that the rapper has promised to released two new albums this summer.

This is why most folks out there assume his ongoing rants and raves are just a marketing ploy.

Consider: a few short weeks ago, no one was saying a word about Kanye West. He hadn't really spoken out in public in months.

But now? The President of the United States is referencing him in speeches and anyone with an Internet connection is commenting on his latest controversy.

Kim Kardashian Turns

Is this a good thing, though?

Is all publicity truly good publicity, even if it means you're saying black people chose to be slaves?

We guess time will tell, but one insider recently claimed Kardashian is thinking about filing for divorce from Kanye.

This individual alleges Kim simply can't get through to her husband and is also annoyed that he'll be off touring and promoting his albums this summer, leaving her alone with three young kids.

Learn more about this story below:

Until Kanye does leave her behind, however, the famous couple is trying to spend as much time together as possible.

They just took off for Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for example, largely so Kanye could focus on his music there in peace.

“Kim happily joined Kanye in Jackson Hole," writes People Magazing, adding:

"She wants to be supportive so he can finish his album. The album has caused Kanye a lot of stress. He is a perfectionist and wants the music to be amazing.”

Too bad he can't say the same thing about his views on politics, history and society.

Kim Kardashian Says "Yo!"

Before heading off to New York City yesterday, the 37-year-old mom of three headed to Las Vegas for a reunion with high school pals, which included a Cher concert.

She's trying to keep herself busy, while also trying to ignore her husband's social media rambling we assume.

"The Kardashians are really trying to convince Kanye to go and get some help,” a source close to the family told Radar Online earlier this month, concluding:

"He is like a loose cannon right now, and no one knows what to do next."

Yeah. Good luck with that, Kim!

(P.S. We did love your dress last night.)

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