Megan Fox: Under Major Fire for Photo of Son in a Dress

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Megan Fox is one of the hottest women on the planet.

But the actress is taking heat at the moment for something that has nothing to do with her looks...

... and everything to do with judgmental parents around the Internet.

Megan Fox and BAG Photo

On Monday night, Fox surprised followers on Instagram when she shared a collage of four photos:

One featured herself. The other three featured her sons, each given his own adorable portrait.

This was one of the extremely rare times Fox has given the public a glimpse at her immediate family members - and it may be one of the last times after some of the feedback she's received.

First, here's a look at the montage of cute images:

Megan Fox, Kids

Very adorable and seemingly harmless, right?

Apparently not; not to a certain section of the World Wide Web.

The top-left photograph features four-year old son Bodhi in a Princess Elsa outfit.

Yes, Bodhi is a boy. Yes, this is a Princess Elsa dress, to be specific. And, no, as you might unfortunately expect, many social media commenters responded to this ensemble in negative fashion.

To wit:

Fox slams

"Another Hollywood weirdo mom... so disgusting you allow your son to wear princess dresses," wrote another critic, while yet another took things to a whole new level with the following take on the issue of child cross-dressing:

Putting your son in a dress conforming to the gay trans illuminati agenda. Burn in hell witch! You're sickening!

Look below. We're not kidding.

Someone really did (hilariously) say this:

idiot on insta

It's nothing new, of course, for parents to judge other parents.

Anyone with a child in elementary school or middle school can relate to what Fox is going through, while plenty of other celebrities have also felt the brunt of stranger criticism online.

Jessica Simpson was slammed for dressing her daughter like a mermaid.

Kelly Clarkson heard it from a bunch of losers after giving her child Nutella.

Thankfully, Fox does not seem like the sort of star who will care very much what other people have to say.

She may not even find out, considering how infrequently she uses social media.

Megan Fox at CineCon

Moreover, there were just as many folks out there who showered Fox (and husband Brian Austin Green) with support and praise.

"What's not to understand?" one commenter wrote in reply to some of the criticism, adding:

"Children play dress up. He's been photographed wearing a Peter Pan costume, a Snow White one too... If I'd had a costume when I was a kid, I would have been Wolverine."

Another chimed in as follows:

"The fact that people are complaining about Noah wearing a dress is so disgusting.

He's a CHILD!! He's just playing. Stop forcing stereotypes onto everyone."

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