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Are Thursday Goals a thing? Because Kendall Jenner’s Thursday looks like the envy of many.

Sipping wine? Check. In a luxurious bathroom? Check. Doing this while naked? Also check.

Kendall was even nice enough to snap and share a photo. Take a look!

Kendall Jenner at the 2018 MET Gala
Photo via Instagram

Kendall Jenner is young and beautiful.

She makes tens of millions a year for modeling. While it’s true that it takes much more than "standing around being hot" to make it in the modeling world, she makes a lot of dough.

Unlike all of Kris Jenner’s other children, Kendall is not tied down by any children.

(And no, the rumors that Kendall is pregnant with Blake Griffin’s baby are not true)

She is free to live her best life on her own terms.

And that is exactly what she is doing in this photo.

Kendall Jenner, Nude in the Bathroom
Photo via Instagram

Kendall casually shared this pic in her Instagram stories.

In it, as we mentioned, she is sipping from a glass of red wine.

Poised in a luxurious bathroom, the only part of her that seems to be covered is her hair.

It appears that the rest of her is wildly and totally naked.

While Kendall is obviously playing by Instagram’s rules and not showing anything that would violate the terms of use, she’s giving fans and followers a glimpse into her life.

And that life is clearly enviable.

Kendall Jenner: A Photo
Photo via Getty

Unfortunately, this lovely pic of Thursday serenity comes on the heels of a bit of controversy.

See, Vogue interviewed Kendall about her experience with the MET Gala, and they asked about her first costume to her first gala.

"I went with Topshop…"

She replied. If only she had stopped there.

"It was cute… It was five years ago."

Was she just clarifying the timeline … or was she slamming Topshop?

Kendall Jenner Naked Pic
Photo via instagram

A number of fans worried that she was doing the latter, and took to comments to shame her for it, writing things like:

"This girl is an ungrateful brat. She didn’t deserve to go to the MET period, let alone with Topshop."

That’s a little harsh. But there are people who believe that Kendall doesn’t deserve her supermodel status.

"Exactly. They were the first to give her the opportunity, you think she’d be appreciative."

Honestly, we thought that she was just making the timeline clear while being distracted by a lot of anxiety.

"Why does she sound embarrassed when she went with Topshop??? Come on, that was an amazing opportunity at her age at the time. WTF?"

Kendall Jenner at the Gala
Photo via Getty

In the mean time, Kendall has faced other controversies.

While her outfit was great-looking, it didn’t really meet the expectations of the MET Gala and, beside looks sported by the likes of Rihanna and Zendaya, looked sort of bland and out of place.

Kendall was spotted allegedly pushing an assistant out of the way of her shot at one point. Not a great look.

Also, with the recent pregnancy rumors about Kendall, one of the key pieces of evidence that she is not expecting (it’s her sisters who keep popping out babies) is that she had posted about having a hangover.

She has since posted again about having a hangover, for the second time in just a few weeks. Which leaves some fans worrying if she’s an alcoholic.

To be clear, Kendall isn’t an alcoholic. She’s just 22 and extremely slender. Let her live her best life.