Jeremy Roloff Details Daughter's Scary Doctor Visit, Gives Thanks

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Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff just recently returned from a trip to Hawaii.

As you might imagine, the vacation was filled with beautiful sunsets, walks on the beach, quality time with their daughter and even a bit of midriff revealed by Audrey.

By multiple social media accounts, it sounds like the Little People, Big World stars had a great time.

Roloffs in Hawaii

With the exception of what sort of scary evening, that is.

Late Friday, Jeremy took to Instagram and shared the image above.

It's a gorgeous snapshot that features himself, his wife and their precious baby, who is about eight months old.

But Jeremy frightened followers by detailing one incident during the vacation in which Ember Jean had to be rushed to the doctor's office.

"Our trip is almost over, and what a trip it’s been!" Jeremy wrote to open his caption to this photo.

Precious Roloffs

He then turned a little more serious:

"Last night however, Ember came down with a random fever. It escalated high enough to take her in and get checked out - Audrey and I both took note that it was the nicest clinic.

"They said she appears to be fine, and must be fighting some virus and to keep her hydrated. So we did, and she appears to be on the up and up."


Thank goodness this was no big deal in the end.

All parents of little kids can relate to the horrible, helpless feeling of a young one not feeling well and not comprehending what is going on.

A Perfect Setting

Just as his wife so often does, Jeremy went on to cite his faith and compare his situation in this case with that of Jesus Christ back in the day.

How so? Well...

"Man, now I know what it feels like when your child comes down with something - out of love you want to trade places with them," Jeremy added, concluding as follows:

"It makes me thank Jesus, because that’s exactly what he did. Trades places with us - only death is far more eternal than a fever."

Yes it is; far more eternal.

A Snuggle from Dad

Jeremy and Audrey starred in last week's new episode of Little People, Big World, which chronicled the latter's labor and delivery.

The stars have been extremely candid about parenthood, detailing the ups, the downs and everything in between over the past several months.

We very much appreciate their honesty throughout this major life change.

And we're so very relieved that Ember is doing okay. She really is SUCH a cutie, don't you think?

Give her a big hug from us at The Hollywood Gossip, okay, guys? Thanks!

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